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Port Folio Dsyed

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Port Folio Dsyed

  • 1. Port-FolioDEENA SYED
  • 2. PM 19/08/11 4:56 Drive Utes hi: Animals Cant , Saatchi & Saatc rts , CEO Worldwide g of Kevin RobeKR Connect – Blo Next Blog» Share Report Abuse KR CONNECT s CE O W or ld w id e pa ny Ke vi n Ro be rt ch i Th e Lo ve m ar ks Co m Sa at ch i & Sa at S KEVIN ROBERT i, atchi & Saatch CEO W orldwide of Sa creative s leading Y 24, 2010 one of the world a team of 6000 MONDAY, MA nizations, with Drive Utes orga offices across 80 Animals Cant people in 140 countries. . saatchikevin.com View full bio on TION RSS SUBSCRIP r reader. Or ente Subscribe in a well ess below and your email addr inbox: send ea ch post to your Click! ETTER EMAIL NEWSL r ail newsletter fo Subs cribe to our em w content on ary of ne a regular summ atchikevin.com . KR Connect and Sa Name: Email: Subscribe Flickr – Hugo90 MARKING Image source: SOCIAL BOOK , and here is out Lovemarks sent to me ab teresting things lia, Bibi Deena Syed sent I get a lot of in udent in Austra NNECT fie ld. A Masters st tic study of SEARCH KR CO one out of left ’s a psychoanaly d thesis ... that sharing Search me ov er a hardboun love? I’ve tra veled the world azy? Ps ychoanalyzing and every time I Lovemarks. Cr nds of people, ks with thousa th a and disc ussing Lovemar it, someone comes along wi TAG CLOUD other wa y of looking at Adventure Air NZ All Blacks think there’s no 7X7 sightful take. art Astronomy Argentina fresh and in omy people’s motiva tions into the “T UM” theory, attraction econ Bogotábilly apple breaks down baby boomers The researcher concluding that we’re all motiva ted by – books branding l and social th ings around us business Christchurch Them Drives: create d by the cultura odities) cool stuff Colombia copyright design ction ed with comm mpany and affe Do One (connect longingness, co creativity d on ou r desire for be Education Us Drives: base edge earthquake family fashion Thing with brands) t. (connected (connected d self fulfillmen Facebook lf satisfaction an d M e Drives: ou r desire for se films food an beverages ) Football with Lovemarks a commodity, a brand furniture future at the key diffe rence between because of friends happiness history The study foun d th st two mostly are into the fir games Google k is th at consumers feel good abou t and a Lovemar ake consumers while Lovemarks “m outside factors, Page 1 of 5
  • 3. KAILIS WORK Premium RangeBottle & labelling Design Branding Campaign Neve r com prom ise d. Aust ralian O rgan ic Ex www tra virgin .kail isorg olive oil anic.c om Extra Virgin Olive Oil Never c ompro mised. Australi an Organic Extra v www.k irgin olive oil ailisorg anic.co Extra Virgin Olive Oil m Never compromised. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Australian Organic Extra virgin olive oil www.kailisorganic.com
  • 4. KAILIS WORK Premium Range Good Life Magazine Advertisement Sustainable Label Design You are what you cook.Salmon with Broad Beans & Parsley Go Organic. Go Splish.80ml Splish Organic ‘Fruity’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 tbs finely chopped flat-leaf parsleyPlus extra leaves to garnish400g podded fresh broad beans 100% Australian Organic200g fresh peas Extra Virgin Olive Oil4 x 180g skinless salmon or ocean trout fillets,split through the centre into 2 thin fillets Splish has ZERO pesticides and1 lemon, quartered is the healthiest everyday cooking oil Find this international Award Winning product in your local IGAFind more recipes at www . u arewhat u cook .com
  • 5. KAILIS WORK Kailis Organic Corporate BrandingGift Box Packaging Design & Production Management Chef’s Blend Branding Poster GOOD TASTE GOOD HEALTH GOOD OIL A master’s choice Certified Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil
  • 6. KAILIS WORK Kailis Organic Corporate BrandingChristmas 2011 Brochure ural GiftYour Nat e Gi ft... Choose something unexpected Virg this year in Olive Oi ls, hand Kailis Organic Table Talker n t Corporat ganic Extra e best Italia fo r the perfec d winning Or , us ing only thSearching l Multi-Awar um flavour uch of ourfrom Our Internationa d unfiltered for maxim d to the citrus to ld pressed an emium Blenblended, co the pure Pr rieties. From stes. and Gr eek olive va mething to suit all ta we have so infused oils, of Gift BAG or 2 x 250ml or 2x 500ML Gift Box 500ml 1x 25 0ml & 1 x l of 3 x 250m anic Kailis Org anic Kailis Org nge Extra Virg in Premium Ra in Olive Oil Extra Virg Olive Oil um Bottles 250ml Premi ttles 2 x g $ 22.00 Premium Bo in a Gift ba 2 x 500ml g $ 30.00 in a Gift ba ttle + Premium Bo (lime, – ttle+ 1 x Triple pack Premium Bo 1 x Infused Bottle mium and 1 x 500ml ve infused 1x 250ml Pre olce and Kalamata Oli or Orange –D 1 x 500ml lemon bag $24.00 2 x Infused t bag $ 29.00 oil) in Gift 36.00 Oil in a Gif Sublime $ t Premium Bo ttle+ Bottles in Gif 1 x 500ml .00 2 x Infused Infused $ 28 Bag $ 26.00 1 x 250ml A pure Aussie Olive Gift Box of 1 x 500ml makes the best organic Oil nic 10 Kailis Orga Gift Box of Premium Ra nge Olive Oil in Organic Extra Virg Soaps Olive Oil in Available OR Rosalina Mandarin, Niaouli & Honey 100% Certified Organic um Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml Premi Bottle presen ted in www.kailisorganic.com .00/bar : 1 Box $5 Gift box $ 20.00 the soaps are 2 Boxes $4.85/bar The price for /bar Boxes $4.50 100% rganic 5 .25/bar 10 Boxes $4 O Cer tified make gift solution to affordable son. Range is an festive sea Or ganic Gift inable this The Kailis ic & susta 01 9066 , easy, organ e on 08 92 giving simple Head Offic ase contact To order ple kailisorganic.com o@ or email inf Email Banner
  • 7. KAILIS WORK Kailis Organic Miscellaneous Never compromised.Controlled Single Serve SachetKailis Organic will launch an innovative new product - the rst controlledsingle serve 12ml sachet containing an award winning Australian OrganicExtra Virgin Olive Oil. e product has been specially designed to suit the Airline, Hospitalityand Food Service Industries and has been produced using the only trueOxo-Biodegradable plastic technology. Extra Virgin Olive Oil From nature to nurture.Key Advantages -First Class Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Superior biodegradable packaging -Directional pouring spout -Controlled 12ml serving size -No mess, No Spill – no popping to open -Easy opening tab -Easy squeeze – no product le behind -Single serve – no wastageKailis Organic is a sustainable company continuouslypushing the boundaries of what it means to be organic.We use only natural agricultural and manufacturing processes,with a sincere intention and motive to contribute to a better planet. PO Box 256, Mt Hawthorn WA 6915, Australia T: +61 8 9201 9066 / F: +61 8 9201 9811 info@kailisorganic.com / www.kailisorganic.com
  • 8. Logos The Green NetworkSourcing down under Orla Work is less work An initiative of Liberty Resources We make building easy Day Spa refrigeration Breast Check Coastal Property SolutionsSnowVault WellConnected The safe space.
  • 9. Stationery
  • 10. Stationery Bec Jarv is Corpora Commun te ications Manager P + 61 8 92 87 4403 F + 61 8 93 88 8862 bjarvis@lib ertyresour www.liber ces.com tyresource .au s.com.au Unit B2, 43 Subiaco, 1 Roberts Western Road Australia 6008 ASX : LBY Sourcing down under. ASX : LBY Unit B2, Subiaco, 431 Roberts Roa Western d Australia 6008 www.libe rtyresourc es.com.au
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