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Reach out to your community effectively and affordably —
and secure your place above the competition.
Health Ink Communic...
Why producing newsletters “in-house”
Your quotes – Substitute your
doctors’ quotes and names for
Extending Value: Use your newsletter to support
other marketing objectives and clinical programs.
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Nachr Ibrochure

Health Ink Marketing Brochure
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Av si e ex HR NA ai ve mb clu I m Create a C la ly e bl to rs e Custom newsletter that supports your hospital’s goals — ! simply and affordably. > Build and support your brand > Connect with parents in your community > Deliver your message with consistency > Differentiate your children’s hospital > Support your fundraising initiatives > Increase your physician referrals 800.524.1176, ext. 2810 www.healthink.com/nachri.html A Company
  • 2. Reach out to your community effectively and affordably — and secure your place above the competition. Health Ink Communications is proud of our long-standing partnership with NACHRI in developing award-winning Editorial space – Include custom articles to inform newsletters. Together we developed a child health newsletter the community about new services, showcase special that is available exclusively to NACHRI members. programs and services and highlight your child advocacy efforts in the community. The fully customizable newsletter allows you to create your own unique publication tailored to fit the specific needs of your hospital. It is designed to promote your hospital programs and specialists to the community. We work closely with you on article selection, design, layout and distribution. Your name – Rename the publication and we’ll design a custom masthead that is unique to your children’s hospital or ties in with your existing branding. Cover option – Use a full-bleed photograph in place of the standard cover if you prefer a magazine-style cover. 800.524.1176, ext. 2810 www.healthink.com/nachri.html
  • 3. Why producing newsletters “in-house” Your quotes – Substitute your doctors’ quotes and names for can actually cost you more. the quotes obtained from Many hospitals think it will be easier — and cheaper — to create a renowned sources. publication in-house. But before you make that decision, consider Your input – Revise articles these important issues: to support your objectives. Editorial considerations: > Who will create the editorial lineup? Assign articles and draft a production schedule? How much time will this take — and how much will you pay for these services? > Who will write your articles? There is an expense in both time and money, whether staff or freelance writers are used. > Who will copyedit and fact-check your articles — and at what cost? Production considerations: > Who will design the newsletter? Do they have the necessary software and design skills? And what is the cost? > Where will you find photos and illustrations? How much can you spend for them? > Who will coordinate schedules and materials with the printer, and assure the best prices and quality? > Who will handle mailing and distribution, keeping up with changing addresses and postal rules? Make a smart choice — partner with Health Ink Communications Create efficiency and add impact to your marketing message by partnering with the experts in health care journalism. Health Ink offers an unmatched blend of credible content, print experience and first-rate service. That means you can focus on creating your strategic message — and we’ll support it with editorial expertise and content resources, and deliver it in a way that gets results. Here’s what makes us different: > Simplicity. We offer a flexible, all-in-one solution. > Quality. Our award-winning publications ensure a quality prod- uct you can trust — and that meets your own high standards. > Flexibility. Choose the level of customization that fits your plans. > Reliability. Extensive medical review by NACHRI member hospitals ensures content is current, accurate and pertinent. > Experience. Our deep experience helps us meet complex NACHRI endorsed content – The editorial content is overseen by versioning requirements. NACHRI and reviewed by an editorial board nominated by partic- > Resources. Our affiliation with our sister companies in the ipating member hospitals. NACHRI also provides an article on a Staywell family allow access to a comprehensive range of national children’s health issue for each quarterly publication. health content options. A Company
  • 4. Extending Value: Use your newsletter to support other marketing objectives and clinical programs. Maximize marketing dollars by using your newsletter as a delivery vehicle for other printed materials designed to connect you to your community. Support online activities: Make the print-online connections and deliver a full range of integrated health messages that connect with your audience and support your objectives: > E-newsletters > Targeted newsletters for specific service lines > No-cost online surveys > Print vehicles that promote your website Add impact with customized supplements: We help our clients create more than 200 different ancillary pieces per year. Choose predesigned materials in a variety of formats: inserts, cover wraps, polybagging or standalone items such as our popular Wellness Calendar or Healthy Cookbook. Or we can help you develop a completely custom bind-in, with services including planning, design, editorial, printing and binding. > Use an insert to highlight special programs, new services Translation services – or facility updates. available in a multitude > Include a reply card or “tear out and save” list of hospital of languages, including phone numbers printed on card stock or a magnet. Spanish. > Bind in foundation donation envelopes. > Survey readers about their health care needs. Choose a total custom publishing solution from America’s premier health care publisher. Our editors and designers are experts > Fully customizable content. In addition to new articles in health care communications who can developed for each issue, we offer an extensive database provide any level of service you require. And of content at no extra cost. we understand the importance of supporting > Writing options. Provide articles to us, or we’ll write them your brand through corporate colors, logos, for you. Or customize our existing articles. editorial style and other specifications. > Ancillary expertise. Take customization to the next level by adding inserts or cover wraps. > Flexible editorial calendar. Choose from a > Translation services. Content can be translated into any menu of article topics and design your own language. editorial calendar. We’ll even help you create > Fulfillment services. We offer complete mailing and list- a page map for each issue. management services, included with your per-copy price. 800.524.1176, ext. 2810 www.healthink.com/nachri.html A Company

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