Replacing your Pool Cover RollersNo matter how good a mechanical device is, you are going to have to repair it regularly. ...
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Replacing your Pool Cover Rollers
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Replacing your Pool Cover RollersNo matter how good a mechanical device is, you are going to have to repair it regularly. And the most commonreplacement spare part that you are going to need for your pool is pool cover rollers. This is particularly true ifyou have an automatic pool cover and you regularly use the system to cover your pool.Why will you need spare pool cover rollers so regularly?Unfortunately, even though pool cover rollers are essential, they will only last for so long. The metal of the poolcover rollers is heat hardened and water resistant but the chlorine in the pool will destroy the metal and thepool cover rollers as well. The heated water in the pool accelerates the destructive reaction causing a rangeof problems. Along with the water and the chlorine, the pool cover rollers are also exposed to friction and theyalso wear out with the constant opening and closing action on top of the pool. As a result, you do have to orderpool cover rollers regularly to replace your existing pool cover rollers.Now you know that your pool cover rollers have been damaged, you can buy replacement parts. We suggestyou take a look at the manufacturer’s catalog or manual to find out the exact name and number of the sparepart. This will help when you are contacting the company.How to order replacement pool cover rollers?The best place to find replacement parts is online and we suggest you first check online. You will be able tofind several websites that deal with replacement pool cover rollers. First, find out the brand and company ofpool cover rollers that you are currently using. If possible, take a photo of the damaged part and email it to thecompany that manufactured your pool cover roller. With this information, the company will be able to sourceout and send you the replacement pool cover rollers as soon as possible. Sometimes, companies will nothave the necessary pool cover rollers and they will place a backorder for you and send it across as soon aspossible. In the meantime, you can check with online spare parts companies to find out whether they haveany pool cover rollers that match your requirements. You may or may not be able to find the necessary spareparts but you can always try. There are also swimming pool repair forums where you will be able to meet otherhomeowners who will be able to suggest places where you can find pool cover rollers. Please note that it’sbetter to get your spare parts directly from the company instead of trying online.For more information on Pool Covers, including other interesting and informative articles and photos, pleaseclick on this link: Replacing your Pool Cover Rollers

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