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Prezentare platformă de recrutare
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
Published in: Recruiting & HR      

Transcripts - Prezentare

  • 1. It’s all about You.Yourself. Apply on PHONE DISCUSSION 10 minutes meet & greet over the phone with our HR representative. PHONE LANGUAGE TEST02 01 Convince us in 10 minutes that we speak the same language and you can experience saying “Good morning” every day in a different language. COFFEE WITH HR03 Recruiters are a weird breed: they speak in riddles, ingest large amounts of caffeine and do squat walks prior to the inteviews. So you must be in perfect shape as well to conquer this peak! Full disclosures and skill tests, but don't fret! It's only 3 days left until the big meeting with your future manager. PRE-HIRE ORIENTATION05 Searching for a job is a two-way street, so take a daytrip at the headquarters! Call it a pre-hire orientation, where you can meet your future team, talk to your colleagues, your trainer, check your office, descend the stairs by sitting upon the banister… FINAL OFFER06 In roughly 3 weeks we’ll be sealing the deal. Show us you’re a fantastic addition to our company and we’ll show you the dotted line to sign on. FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW WITH THE DIRECT MANAGER04 You have 45 minutes to show him you’re the best candidate he’s ever seen. At this point, 10% of the candidates are requesting an absurd salary or overrate their knowledge, skills and benefits. Bear in mind: it's good to have a high self-esteem, but don't overdo it! If you're looking for your first job or simply want to acquire experience and knowledge, Genpact is the place you want to be! You’ll discover a dynamic and multicultural environment where you'll build new skills and learn useful things that will further help you in your career. You're young & talented! Amazing things are ahead! Young proffesionals employment process Crina Ilie Start with us! If you are a student or a fresh university graduate, driven by curiosity, the need to explore and say “yes” to opportunities, then we are looking for YOU! We will appreciate your language skills, learning attitude and intention to start a career, not just a job. Vice President, Human Resources
  • 2. In Romania, Genpact is the largest employer and talent developer within the business services for global customers. • We are present in Romania since 2005 and we continue to expand our operations, creating hundreds of job opportunities year after year • Our over 2,500 employees work in our Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca offices for 40+ multinational companies, delivering services in 20 foreign languages • 1180 new colleagues joined our company in 2014 alone, out of which 840 fresh university graduated and 340 experienced professionals • Gateway, our fresh graduate’s program included over 100 participants in 2014 and will expand in 2015 • Over 60% internal promotion rate in 2014 • “Learn. Grow. Succeed.” our people promise and daily mantra is delivered through: - 911 people enrolled in Edu & Work programs - 79 certified employees through internationally renowned certifications like - ACCA, SPSM, CIMA and TARN - 10 colleagues enrolled in international leadership programs such as GOLD and LEAP - The first European Learning Center opened in Bucharest in 2014 • 146 international Green Belt certified colleagues at the end of 2014 across our Romanian centers • A global company developing international professionals YouYourself stands for the power of the individual through self-affirmation. At Genpact we encourage you to express your own ideas and creativity and bring your personality to every meeting, project and call. YouYourself is not only a recruitment platform, but a way to boost your chances of getting hired. Its features include an easy-to-use login procedure, a multimedia Knowledge Hub, as well as a pre-interview screening module. Forget about the European CV, the long waiting hours for a response after an interview and no calling back with a feedback. Job hunting has just turned into a game! Be the best version of You.YOURSELF! Our recruitment process is outlined to help you put together the best application that you can, and also be fair and objective for everyone. We want to make sure that we have a two-way match: you are suitable for the job opening we have and we are the right company for your learning and growth. So how does it work? YouYourself incorporates elements of international trends in recruitment: you can upload a video presentation of yourself, you can connect to your social network and you get yourself noticed if you’re active and show interest regarding the editorial and educational materials on the platform. Read the latest news & articles, stay informed on the latest jobs and move quickly to the grand finale: an employment contract with Genpact. 1. Fill in your application You can easily sign into the program with your LinkedIn profile, thus greatly shortening a traditionally long and complex login procedure. The platform will automatically import your LinkedIn data to generate a CV. 2. Stay informed All the actions you perform will amount to your profile as a user and social media member. A daily log in on the platform, a check-in @Genpact, or hash-tagging Genpact in a post will boost your awareness and prove your interest in our company. This will surely make you pop out of the crowd! 3. Take the extra step You can make yourself memorable by uploading a personalized video to introduce yourself to us. This will amount as a pre-interview screening. Think about it, your personality is best evidenced when filmed. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to see your verbal tics, your facial expressions and realize how you would appear in front of a real employer. 4. Keep an eye on the Knowlege Hub Receive news and updates from us, gain valuable insights by reading our articles, add your opinion and share them via your social network. You can even recommend a friend! 5. Be mobile If you want to enjoy the full benefits of applying at Genpact, do try our Android and IOS mobile apps that are designed to facilitate your access to our current vacancies. You can scan the QR code below to automatically download the appropriate version of the app for your OS. Who is GENPACT? What is YouYourself? How does it work?

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