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What is Pre-Stretch Stretch Film?a l i t y p r o d u c t s a l e s . c o m
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Prestretch Stretch Film

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Prestretch Stretch Film

  • 1. P: 1-800-537-4806 Pre-Stretch Stretch Film What is Pre-Stretch Stretch Film?a l i t y p r o d u c t s a l e s . c o m qu Pre-Stretched Stretch Film is a standard gauged stretch film stretched up to 80%-90% full stretch potential and then wound on a core for use. The film is made from either cast or blown stretch film depending on the manufacturer. Advantages: 1. Full Stretch Potential- A common problem with most standard gauged stretch film is the user fails to reach the maximum stretch potential of the film. Some hand stretch films offer up to a 200% stretch rate. For someone applying the stretch film by hand, it takes maximum effort to pull hard enough to reach the full stretch potential. 2. Less Energy To Apply- Whether using hand or machine pre stretch film, less energy will be used when applying. When applying manually, workers will have less fatigue and risk of injury. Pre stretch allows workers to walk forward and pull less when applying the film instead of backwards. When using a machine, less electrical energy will be used to apply the film because of the lower tension settings required. 3. Lighter Weight Rolls- Pre stretch film comes on lighter weight rolls. These rolls make it easier for workers and shipping costs less. 4. Same Benefits of Standard Gauged Film- Pre stretch film offers many of the same benefits standard gauged stretch film rolls offer. Qualities that are important in a stretch film. It still offers a superior amount of cling. Cling is important and helps the wrap stick to itself and stay on the load. Excellent clarity, clarity is important when scanning loads and inspecting product damage. Great tear resistance is important for loads with sharper edges or jagged corners. 5. Price- The last and possibly the most important advantage is the price. Because pre stretched stretch film is already stretched out to most of its stretch potential, waste is less common. Reduction in film waste equals more affordable film. Info@qualityproductsales.com

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