1450 W. 116th Ave. Westminster,
CO 80234 Apt. # 32
Public Relations Position
A paper and pen can be influential and game-c...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. 1450 W. 116th Ave. Westminster, CO 80234 Apt. # 32 Public Relations Position A paper and pen can be influential and game-changing tools. Words don’t ask to be admired or despised, yet every audience can find inspiration—or dejection—from the words we choose and the ways we put them together. As a writer, my goal is to defend a broken soul, empower a weak voice or spark a joyful memory. 12 years ago I was sitting in my seventh grade classroom at Louisville Middle School. It was a narrow classroom with big windows where Language Arts was taught by a brunette woman with round glasses named Mrs. Morrison. We normally passed notes in class that said the usual, “did you hear that Mark kissed Lisa?” But that particular week we were supposed to read Shakespeare and share a personal poem with the class. Weston Shepard, a tall, wavy-haired boy eagerly raised his hand to read his poem first. Little did Jackie Gorton, my best friend at the time know that Weston’s poem was going to be strategically read aloud to her that afternoon. One of the lines that got the most giggles out of the class went as follows, “little blonde girl that I see, Jackie, won’t you fall in love with me?” Those awkward years may be left in the past, but one thing is certain, Mrs. Morrison’s class played a crucial role in the course of my life. I loved choir, theatre and reading from an early age. But as soon as I realized that I wanted to write, my world was awakened by the power of words. One simple sentence, no matter how small, can make or break an argument, can change a person’s mood or can help a child learn a new task. I strive to continuously conquer the art of communication within my career and personal life. I am a driven, focused and creative individual. I feel that with my skills in journalism, public relations and photography, combined with a positive work ethic I can bring a great deal of fresh ideas to any company. Thank you for your consideration. I have a charged passion for this vibrant field and I am ready to embark. Best Regards, Chelsee E. Stevens (720) 937-0194 justchelseestevens@gmail.com chelsee.stevens@yahoo.com

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