Pressure Groups:<br />Title:National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.Message(s):"I don't want this to be...
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Pressure Groups: NSPCC.

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pressure Groups: NSPCC.

  • 1. Pressure Groups:<br />Title:National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.Message(s):"I don't want this to be all gloom and doom - I want to get out a message of hope. The NSPCC Helpline is there to help adults - parents, friends, neighbours and others - take the first steps to protect those children who can't speak out. I'd also like any children or young people who see me on the Plinth to know they can phone ChildLine about their problems, if they have no one else to talk to.Target Audience:To all people. (Mainly mothers and fathers, people of the government; to take more of a role to stop cruelty, people who know someone (child) who is getting hurt.)Strategy of Campaign:The NSPCC use number of campaign strategies, for example: Adverts, Protests, Posters, Helplines, Leaflets, Texts, Emails and many more.Methods used to reach target audience:Adverts on all different channels to appeal to a bigger target audience.They send a wide number of emails to different people to tell them about their campaign, and keep them aware of the troubles of what some children go through. Success of the campaign:Since the campaign started up the number of children who have been through cruelty the number of children have gone down and the people who have been caught there have now been produced server punishments. Extra Information:Founded: 1884Location: LondonKey People: Chairman Mark Wood (Financial Figure)Volunteers: 17,000Employees: 2,500About the NSPCC: The NSPCC is the UK's leading children charity specializing in child protection and the prevention of cruelty to children. The NSPCC's purpose is to end cruelty to children FULL STOP. The NSPCC runs projects and services across the United Kingdom and Channel Islands, including Child Line, the UK's free, and confidential 24-hour helpline for children and young people. The NSPCC helps over 10,000 children and their families every year.<br />One: <br />

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