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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Bear The Naisang Story Navi Jade River Jett• Canyon
  • 2. The Great Depression: The Great depression caused the Martin and Vogler families to lose most of their wealth, causing the parents of the families to learn the meaning of hardship and to gain a work ethic. The lack of money in the economy motivated James Martin to stay in the U.S. Army to provide for his family. 1917 1929 1941 WWII:WWI: The second World War was theJames L. Martin had Zenith of James Martin’s militaryvolunteered to join the career, he had reached the rank ofU.S. Army when the Major by the end of the war andU.S. joined WWI, the after being on active duty for so longexperiences he had he decided to slow down and retire.changed who he was in Later, his experiences would effectpersonality and how he his mental health.led his life and family.
  • 3. 1962 1960s 1970sBurma experiences Home school reform: Civil rightsmilitarism: The home school reform led to the movement: decision that my siblings and I would beBurma was released from being a British The civil rights movement home schooled. This would explain thecolony in the 1940s which led to conflict created opportunities for our reason why my siblings and I weren’tbetween parties in the country and led to grandparents to get married. socially accustomed to the public schoolmilitarism beginning in 1962. This This was important due to the system. It would also explain my ferventprevented my grandparents from fact that my grandfather is a clinging to conservative views.traveling back to Burma and settling very dark skinned Asian man.down there. They wouldn’t accept thepair due to my grandmother being white.

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