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Policy training announcement 7 24 14

Public Policy Professional Development Opportunity in the Lowcountry of SC.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Policy training announcement 7 24 14

  • 1. Training  Announcement       Forms  of  Municipal  Government  and  Their   Legislative  Authority  and  Advocating  for  Public   Policy  Change     When:  Thursday,  July  24,  2014     Where:    The  Ernest  E.  Kennedy  Center  (annex),  96  Wisteria  Road,  Goose  Creek,  SC     Time:    10:00  a.m.  to  12:00  p.m.,  with  Registration  beginning  at  9:45  a.m.       Audience:    Community  coalition  members,  coalition  staff  members,  prevention   professionals,  substance  abuse  related  professionals,  community  leaders,  and   advocates         Trainer:    Bill  Taylor,  Municipal  Association  of  South  Carolina     Coalition  presentation  by  Dianne  Wilson,  Smoke-­‐Free  Lowcountry  Coalition     Description:  Join  us  for  an  informative  training  about  advocating  for  public  policy   change  in  SC!   Objectives  the  training/presentation  will  cover:   -­‐  The  three  forms  of  government  in  SC  and  their  differing  roles  in   duties/responsibilities.   -­‐  How  local  laws  are  created.   -­‐  How  citizens  and  private  interest  groups  may  approach  local  leaders  to  advocate  on   behalf  of  issues  that  affect  the  well-­‐being  of  the  community.     To  Register:    Please  email  or  call  the  Region  4  Capacity  Coach  by  COB  Monday,  July   21,  2014.    Please  include  your  name,  agency  you  work  for/coalition  name,  county   where  you  are  located,  and  email  address.  Space  is  limited  so  please  register  early.     Registration  will  close  on  July  21,  or  sooner  if  training  reaches  full  capacity.   • Region  4  Capacity  Coach:    Caitlin  Dawkins/843-­‐797-­‐7871  x  119  or     Counties  served  are  Aiken,  Allendale,  Bamberg,  Barnwell,  Beaufort,  Berkeley,   Calhoun,  Charleston,  Colleton,  Dorchester,  Hampton,  Jasper,  and  Orangeburg             Training  Cost:    None-­‐  Lunch  will  be  on  your  own     Hosted  by:    Community  Action  for  a  Safer  Tomorrow  (CAST)

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