Double page spread analysis
Colour scheme: The
colour scheme
throughout the
spread is the same
colours. This makes
the pag...
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Poppy dps analysis 1

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Poppy dps analysis 1

  • 1. Double page spread analysis Colour scheme: The colour scheme throughout the spread is the same colours. This makes the page have a fresh and clean feel. The woman on the first page of the spread dress matches the font colour this keeps the layout clean. Colour: The colour contrast from the red against the black and white makes the reader automatically interested in what the page has to say and captures their attention. Overall effect: The overall effect of the pages give the magazine a cosmopolitan feel. Keeping it in trend and clean. The layout is neat and blends in well with the image keeping it in trend Text: The fonts in the title are different; this sparks the reader’s interest as is it is unique and different. This also fits in with the style of music. However the interview text is too small therefore will lose the readers interest more quickly. However the sub heading text makes it easier to break up. Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is very dark as it reflects the type of music they are promoting. The Red, black and white contrasts each other and stands out. Text: The text style is kept clean apart from the title and sub title, which is in a separate font all together. This makes the page far more interesting and appealing to the reader. Images: The photo is eye catching and takes up the whole of the left side of the page therefore gaining the readers interest. The image stays mainly black however the sharp blast of colour encourages the reader to read the article as the image is eye catching. Overall Effect: The magazine has a rough, edgy feel about it. This makes it stand out from the rest. By the use of colour and font it makes the article look more appealing. Images: The main image is of the woman the article is about; this is good for the reader as we can identify who the writer is talking about. The image is also large enough to attract attention. The image keeps in colour contrast with the rest of the article therefore blends in and keeps the article neat. Colours: The colours are in keeping with the style of the music. By using dark colours against the women’s lighter hair it creates a good contrast. Also with the type of music this is focused on the colours suit. Having the sub headings/questions a different colour makes it easier for the reader to get through as it makes it less of a chunk of text, breaks the continuous amount of black text and sparks the readers intrest

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