The mast head is very bold and clear ...
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Pop magazine cover analysis 2

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pop magazine cover analysis 2

  • 1. The mast head is very bold and clear the white text on the blue background stands out the style of how the masthead has been laid out shows its quite edgy as its all in capitals other than the last letter which is in lower caseThe picture for thefront cover showsconfidence.The black and whitecolour of the photoalso contrasts with the text on the side isthe blue background clearly presented allvery well the face of the names it isRihanna is not showing are all incovered with text so capitals which showsthe main focus is on a statement ofher importance the black and the dark blue text shows up very well on the light blue background The subheadings position is where it can be seen clearly and all in capital letters which shows its the main important story in the magazine the colours blue and black contrast very well in the black and white photo

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