The font for the mast head is plain and ...
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Pop magazine cover analysis 1

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pop magazine cover analysis 1

  • 1. The font for the mast head is plain and simple but the colour added in to it makes it look more appealing for the younger people The colours in the mast head The mast head and the of the magazine position of it cover has good pulls away contrast to the from billboard picture on the normal house front cover . styleThe things on the sideare in a good positionas you can clearly seethem some of theyellow writinghowever is nor veryclear due to the sizeof the text The image for the front cover is positioned to take up the whole front page The name kesha and is a close up of the stands out from artist they are going to be the back ground talking about the main due to the white features of the picture text and the font which is the face is not is different font covered by any other sub the others headings shows that they are focusing on her face

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