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Kineticom Hot Jobs

Kineticom, Inc. IT and Wireless Hot Jobs throughout the US and Canada!
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Kineticom Hot Jobs

  • 1. UNITED STATES CANADAIT IT• Software Developer – San Francisco, CA • Server Engineering Lead- Vancouver, BC• Lead Network Engineer – Dallas, TX • Secruity Engineer- Burnabay, BC• Senior Software Support Engineer – Dallas, TX• Sales System Engineer- Dallas, TX• Data/VoIP Engineer- Dallas, TX WIRELESSWIRELESS • DAS In Building Engineer- Calgary, AB• Site Acquisition Specialist- Walnut Creek, CA • LTE RAN/TOWER PM Saskatoon, SK • In Building DAS System Solutions• Switch Technician- CA Engineer in Calgary, AB• Construction Coordinator- Las Vegas, NV, • OSP Design- Saskatoon, SK

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