Pre-shipment Actions to Ensure Your Car is Shipped Error Free
If you are planning to hire the services of a professional c...
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Pre-shipment Actions To Ensure Your Car Is Shipped Error Free

This is just a checklist for customers to cover to make sure their vehicle is transport safe and error free.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pre-shipment Actions To Ensure Your Car Is Shipped Error Free

  • 1. Pre-shipment Actions to Ensure Your Car is Shipped Error Free If you are planning to hire the services of a professional car shipping broker or car shipping company to ship a car from one state to another, you may take a look at the following tips to help you through this chapter.  Do a targeted search online, typing in “car shipping” will get TONS of companies, but they won’t all be perfect for you. Typing in something such as: cost to ship a car to another state or how to ship a car from across country is the best way to have companies that will meet your specific needs.  Search for a few superb car shipping companies or car shipping brokers through the Internet, and check out their websites. All of the leading companies and brokers will have their own websites & phone numbers associated with them.  Don’t ask for the lowest car shipping prices or the cheapest car shipping quote. Gather, from the short-list of companies, two or three that you like from their website and description and request a car shipping price. Nearly 99.9% of the comanpanies you find online are just the car shipping brokers. They all use the same nation load board so chosing the cheapest car shipping price is not the best option for you. Cheap car shipping services seem great, but generally choosing someone middle of the pack price wise will be the job done more effectively.  Choose the appropriate car shipping service for your requirements. Your decision will depend on the market value of your car, whether it is a classic or has a sentimental value attached to it, and what kind of budget you can afford to have for such shipment.  If you opt for enclosed car shipping services, also known as covered car shipping services, you may be able to negotiate the price with some of the companies. An experienced broker may also get you a more competitive price because covered car shipping usually costs a lot more than open car shipping.  Enter into a formal agreement with the company you have chosen. Look for any hidden charges, penalty clauses, insurance coverage clause, and other important areas in the agreement.  Follow the shipping company’s policy regarding minimum fuel, movable items in the car, detachable accessories such as the tool box, extra seats, fog lights and antennae, and other issues.  Remember to disable the car alarm before you hand over the car for shipment.  If you are shipping a convertible car, remember to secure the top firmly in its place. This will prevent any chances of damage to the vehicle during shipment.  An experienced car shipping broker or company will usually encourage you to have your car inspected in your own presence before shipment. If you are extra keen about the possibility of future claims, you may even arrange for a private car mechanic to be present when the company conducts its pre-shipment inspection.  If your car has pre-existing damages such as dents, scratches, or any damages in the interiors, you can take photographs at the time of handing over the car to the shipper. Such records may become useful in the event of a future dispute over a claim with the car shipping company.  Designate a person to receive your car at the appointed time and place at the destination. You may even arrange a private inspection of your car at that point in order to identify any potential damages during transit. A Complete Understanding With these pre-shipment actions on your part, you can ship your car securely with any of the reputed car shipping services of your choice.