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Preston Dr Carolyn curr vitae Aug 2015

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Preston Dr Carolyn curr vitae Aug 2015

  • 1. CAROLYN K PRESTON, PhD, PENG, PCHEM 1 of 4 (403) 608-9684 Calgary, Canada SUMMARY • Two decades of technology and innovation leadership in energy and environmental engineering / consulting • Strategic technical and business understanding of the energy and natural resource industries • Adept at grasping new ideas and brainstorming strategic technology solutions in multi-disciplinary teams • Expertise building and maintaining healthy partnering relationships focused on technology and innovation • Proven, skilled project manager and communicator, ensuring on-target, on-time delivery to clients • Successful facilitator of collaborative technology development projects, addressing a variety of drivers • Ability to move technical ideas from concept to validation to demonstration to commercialization (“S curve”) • Excellent interpersonal and team skills, facilitating, motivating, mentoring, empowering and supporting high- performing teams within a fast-paced, dynamic environment, often navigating unprecedented territory KEY CORE COMPETENCIES Innovation Leadership • Technical credibility to challenge and stimulate innovative thinking by multi-disciplinary teams/organizations. • Strategic business sense regarding technology development, demonstration and commercialization. • Business management skills required to build and lead collaborative technology development projects, focused on near-term commercialization. • Technical, leadership, partnership, coordination and communications know-how to marry economic and environmental technology needs of the operator(s) with researchers, inventors, and governments to deliver strategic technology innovation projects (multi-year, up to $10s millions). • Experienced and effective IP manager, including negotiation of commercial licensing terms and royalties. Project Performance Management • Skillful development and delivery of strategic technology projects and programs, assuring focus on key client priorities, performance metrics and on-time delivery by:  Understanding technology, economic, environmental, regulatory, organizational, operational and fiscal challenges, gaps and opportunities facing an organization, collaboration, or project.  Developing effective business –oriented short-term and long-term project management plans to optimize team performance.  Managing project and program budgets and schedules to avoid cost overruns and slippage.  Facilitating and fostering internal and external technology development alliances, including securing stable resources and balancing a variety of investment drivers and KPIs. Communication • Expertly use influence / persuasion to align business and technology cultures to achieve high performance. • Ability to distill the essence of complex technical projects in communications for senior executives. • Adept communicator to technical and non-technical audiences, simplifying complicated concepts. • Skilled at effectively tapping into individual strengths to knit together effective, high-performing teams to deliver exceptional project deliverables. Technical Knowledge • Knowledgeable in a wide variety of technical disciplines as applied to conventional and unconventional oil and natural resources, including: petroleum and chemical engineering, water treatment technologies, physical and analytical chemistry, geosciences, and environmental science and engineering. • Gained from both applied technology development and commercialization projects focused on reducing environmental impacts while improving ROI, energy recovery and production.
  • 2. CAROLYN K PRESTON, PhD, PENG, PCHEM 2 of 4 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE C K Preston and Associates Consulting Incorporated, Calgary, Alberta 2010 – ongoing Principal Consultant Energy and environmental technology strategy, management, investment and communications consulting covering a variety of subjects, including: oil sands and heavy oil, industrial water treatment, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), environmental strategies. A few projects have been undertaken over the past few years, including: • International Energy Agency GHG R&D Programme report on a global, first-time, commercial CCS project • NSERC grant applications for university professor research chairs (geoscience and petroleum engineering) • Technology market studies (for new products and potential business acquisitions) • Conceptual engineering design • Technical project report preparation for stakeholder and technical audiences • Technical proposal preparation for government funding agencies • Technical papers for publication Teck Resources, Applied Research and Technology April 2015 – ongoing Principal Engineer, Technology Pilot Projects (Part-time) • Technical planning / design for $22 million, one-year surface water technology treatment pilot at an active coal mine to facilitate technology choice for full-scale water treatment facility due to come online in 2018. • Water treatment is required to meet regulation for removal of selenium, trace metals, nitrate, sulphate and other constituents of concern to the regulators of the Elk Valley watershed. • Ongoing arms-length technical review of pilot program during 2015-16. CH2M Canada Ltd., Water Business Group, Industrial Energy and Mining July 2013 – October 2014 Senior Principal Technologist and Vice President – Service Leader, Industrial Water Technology Consulting - Canada Director – Applied Sciences Laboratory (a water and soil treatability technology lab) - USA • Led CH2M’s industrial water engineering consulting business in Canada, focused on natural resources. • Technology, project and relationship management for a key energy client’s program ($2 billion, 10 years). • Led strategic business review and restructuring of a key differentiating business unit ($5 million pa lab). Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Spring 2013 Online Course Developer, Petroleum Engineering Department “Stakeholder Engagement in Water Operations for Hydraulic Fracturing” – PERS 142 Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), Calgary, Alberta Spring 2012 Interim Director, Water Environmental Priority Area (EPA) • Led multi-party owner development of the Water EPA scope of work and roster of shared IP for collaborative joint industry technology innovation to assure improved water stewardship across the oil sands industry. • Worked with VP-level strategic leadership team to develop the governance, IP and corporate model for COSIA. Canadian Oil Sands Network for Research and Development Inc. (CONRAD), Calgary, Alberta 2010 – 2013 Executive Director (CEO) • Effected seamless transition of production-related innovation activities to PTAC during 2013 ($3M pa). • Smoothly orchestrated transition of environmental activities to COSIA during 2012 and 2013 ($5M pa). • Managed profitable delivery of 2012 and 2013 CONRAD Water and Clay Conferences ($300K ea). • Developed a new Associate Member program to encourage academic and association engagement (2011). • Restructured CONRAD to better align with evolving oil sands industry and member needs (2010-2011).
  • 3. CAROLYN K PRESTON, PhD, PENG, PCHEM 3 of 4 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (CONT’D) Petroleum Technology Research Centre Inc. (PTRC), Regina, Saskatchewan 2007 – 2010 Executive Director (CEO) • Ensured the long-term success of the PTRC, as a nationally-recognized technology development leader, re- establishing and doubling its industry and government funding (cash and in-kind), through:  Partnership with key industry and government stakeholders, leading technology road mapping to define the key priorities and performance metrics in heavy oil and oil sands R&D and in CO2 geological storage;  Establishment and leadership of a new 4-year, $50M Business-led Networks of Centres of Excellence, Sustainable Technologies for Energy Production Systems - STEPS (2/3 industry funded);  Establishment and leadership of the technology delivery team, performance plan and funding for Canada’s first deep saline, CO2 geological sequestration project, Aquistore ($100M over 5 years); and  Enhancement of essential wellbore integrity and risk assessment studies in the IEA Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring Project (+$5M), demonstrating safety and security of CO2 geological storage. • Established IP management, safety and professional integrity standards, both internally and at R&D partners. IEA GHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project 2006 – 2007 Project Integrator (a unique technology and communications director-level role for a world-leading project) • Initiated development of a ground-breaking Best Practices Manual for CO2 geological storage, a technology deployment guide for CO2-EOR operators to gain access to future GHG credits and offsets (issued in 2012). • Facilitated the blending of a variety of international technical and government cultures, to ensure optimal technology, innovation, and public policy results, with minimal negative impact on the EOR operators. • Effectively communicated results to executives within industry, partner and international organizations. CanmetENERGY / Natural Resources Canada / Government of Canada, Devon, Alberta 1990 – 2005 Manager, External Technology Development / Business Operations 2000 – 2005 • Technical authority for the Government, managing joint project performance and delivery with partners. • Planned, built, led, and managed multi-million-dollar, national industrial energy technology development programs with partners in industry, applied labs, universities, governments, and international organizations. • Orchestrated the success of industry-focused collaborative programs by developing a new system for evaluating, selecting and stage-gating projects to ensure value for all interests; was adopted government- wide as it provided clarity thereby enabling researchers to align with organizational and corporate goals. • Developed key strategic and communications plans for nationally significant oil sands R&D investments, leading to increased funding during a period of financial government cutbacks. Business Manager 1995 – 1999 • Negotiated win-win intellectual property and other contractual aspects of multi-million-dollar national R&D programs focused on new technology critical to the sustainability of the oil and gas industry. • Succeeded in improving key industry and government relationships, by ensuring priorities were led by industry needs balanced with government priorities, hence facilitating end-user uptake of Crown-owned IP. • Responsible for the research centre’s business planning and communications to senior executives. Technology Development Engineer 1990 – 1995 • Managed on-site testing at commercial pilot operations under the immediate scrutiny of industry partners. • Developed on-line analyzer tools for solving multiphase processing challenges in oil sands operations. • Member of award-winning, site-wide, research lab and pilot plant occupational health and safety team.
  • 4. CAROLYN K PRESTON, PhD, PENG, PCHEM 4 of 4 EDUCATION PhD, Physical Chemistry, University of Toronto (1990) MSc, Physical Chemistry, University of Toronto (1986) BSc (Eng) (Hons), Engineering Chemistry, Queen’s University (1984) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, CERTIFICATES, AND MEMBERSHIPS Executive Program, School of Business, Queen’s University Executive Development Centre (2009) Chevening Fellowship, Economics of Energy, University of Reading, UK (2007) PEng – Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) PChem – Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA) Fellow – Chemical Institute of Canada Member – Society of Petroleum Engineers (Canada) COMMUNITY SERVICE Guest Editor, Oil Sands Technology Special Series, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (2014-ongoing) APEGA Council / Executive Nominating Committee (2012-2013) Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering, Board of Directors, Director-Publications (2009-2013) Society of Petroleum Engineers, R&D Technical Section, Standing Committee (2009-2012)

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