Preventing or Overcoming Obesity in Children
In the US and many other countries, childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic...
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Preventing or Overcoming Obesity in Children

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Preventing or Overcoming Obesity in Children

  • 1. Preventing or Overcoming Obesity in Children In the US and many other countries, childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. Obesechildren are at risk of developing other more serious health conditions, which is whychildhood obesity is something to be truly concerned about. Is your child overweight orobese? You can do a number of things to help your child. One way to fight obesity is to keepyour child active and below you'll find a few suggestions.How Parents Can Help Their children Overcome Their Weight ProblemsYou want your child to become more active and you can do this by scheduling healthyactivities that everyone in the family can take part in. Do this and the whole family will benefittoo. It's also a wonderful way for the family to bond while getting healthy together. Go on longhikes one weekend and swimming the following weekend. Vary the physical activities you dowith the family every week so your child doesn't get bored. Does your family have dogs?Make the family activities more fun by taking them along. And when you go on familyvacations, it's important that you keep your child engaged in healthy activities. It won't helpyour child if you spend hours driving around or riding in a tour bus. When the entire familyengages in healthy activities, it helps develop healthy habits in your child. When it comes toweight issues, it's best that you follow the pediatrician's recommendations. For all you know,your child's weight problem may not be serious, so a doctor's opinion is in order. Childrennaturally gain weight, but you could interfere with your child's natural growth development ifyou put him or her on a restrictive diet. Don't be too quick to judge your child as having aweight problem just because he or she has gained a few pounds. Be aware that the rate ofgrowth among children varies. You shouldn't restrict your child's diet unless you were givenspecific orders by a doctor.You Can Keep Your Child from Becoming Obese by Teaching Your Kids Healthy Habits />One bad habit that many children and adults develop is eating meal portions that are muchbigger than what is necessary. In children, this habit usually starts when the parent alwaysinsist that their child not leave anything on the plate. You'd obviously prompt your child to eatmore if he or she appears to be underweight or isn't eating enough. However, if your childseems to be a little overweight, it's important that you make sure he or she eats just the rightamount of food. Eating out or ordering fast food often can be a challenge. Your child shouldbe eating smaller portions and you can give your child more food if he or she is still hungry.It's important that you don't give your child a huge amount of food to eat in one go, as thatwill only cause him or her to develop the habit of overeating. There are many things thatparents can do to encourage their children to stay at a healthy weight. The above are justsome of the tactics that you can keep in mind to help your child develop healthier habits. Youneed to be patient and be reasonable with your expectations if your child is overweight. Yourchild will need a lot of support and encouragement if he or she is to get to a healthy weight.

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