Petition Letter
To: Committee of the Regions,
European Commission – DG Enlargement,
President of the European Commission
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NALAS peticija eng

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Petition Letter To: Committee of the Regions, European Commission – DG Enlargement, President of the European Commission Subject: Request for extending the Covenant of Mayors to South Eastern Europe, and Western Balkans and Turkey (IPA Countries). We, as mayors who signed the Covenant of Mayors, through our national associations of local authorities, members of the Network of Associations of Local Аuthorities of South-East Europe (NALAS), would like to request the EU Commission to consider the prospect of extending the scope of the Covent of Mayors as mentioned in the above subject. Energy efficiency, which would help to improve quality of life for our citizens, is amongst our highest priorities as Europeans. Raising of awareness on local potentials and benefits of energy efficiency, as well as the integration of sustainable energy issues into urban development planning, are among the main concerns of the municipalities throughout EU member states but also for the municipalities in EU candidate and potential candidate countries. As signatories of the Convent of Mayors which is a mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, we voluntarily committed to increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in our cities. It is regrettable that South-East Europe, which has both candidate and potential EU candidate countries, is the only region neighbouring the EU in which a Covenant of Mayors office is not established nor is anticipated to be established in the near future. Indeed, apart from the signatories in Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia, which are EU Member States, there are 32 Covenant of Mayors signatories in the rest of the region, of which 2 are capital cities. We, as mayors of Covenant of Mayors signatory cities and towns from SEE would like to request the European Commission to: • Recognize the necessity to extend the Covenant of Mayors to SEE and to provide support to the signatory cities and/or any other relevant entity involved in the Covenant implementation, in developing their own proposals in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. • Provide support to the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors from SEE so to endorse and support the efforts deployed by local authorities in the implementation of sustainable energy policies, as part of the European integration process of the participating countries. • Launch a procedure for establishing a Covenant of Mayors Office based in South – East Europe and set up in a beneficiary signatory city of the IPA region that will be especially devoted to provide strategic guidance, financial and technical support to the signatories. This petition was signed by the mayors of: CITY OF VRANJE VARVARIN MUNICIPALITY TEMERIN MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY TITEL CITY OF NIŠ CITY OF ZRENJANIN ŽABALJ MUNICIPALITY

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