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Connecticut Joins in National Bike Challenge; Starts May 1

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Connecticut Joins in National Bike Challenge; Starts May 1

  • 1. Contact: Sandy Fry Bike to Work & National Bike Challenge Chair 860.522.2217 x220 Kelly Kennedy Executive DirectorMEDIA RELEASE kelly.kennedy@bikewalkct.orgFor Immediate Release 860.904.2420 Connecticut Joins in National Bike Challenge; Starts May 1Hartford, CT (May 1, 2012) - Get out your bike—and don’t forget your helmet! Whether you are anoccasional bicyclist, a regular bike commuter, a charity rider, mountain biker, or bicyclist of any type, takethe National Bike Challenge!With May designated as National Bike Month and May 18 as National Bike to Work Day, Bike WalkConnecticut is taking the lead to encourage bike commuting. Bikecommuting reduces vehicle traffic, avoids pollution, saves gas--andburns calories!Coinciding with National Bike Month is the launch of the National BikeChallenge (, an online tool to inspireand empower millions of Americans to ride their bikes for transportation,recreation, and better health. The challenge runs from May 1 to August31 and has a goal of “uniting 50,000 people to bike 10 million miles.”The challenge website makes it easy to log bike trips, whether they arecommuting, for errands, for recreation or by mountain bike—any trip bybike counts. You’ll be eligible for prize drawings after logging just threedays on your bike. You can even download a mobile app to keep trackof your miles.Cyclists can compete in the challenge as an individual, as part of aworkplace, as part of a community, or as part of a 10-member team.Connecticut will compete in the National Bike Challenge against otherstates on a points per capita basis. Bike Walk Connecticut is coordinating the state challenge and aimsto make sure that Connecticut is well represented.To register your company for the challenge, go to enter the requested information. This lets coworkers select your company name from the dropdownmenu when they register for the challenge. It also lets your company compete against businessesaround the country.To register yourself for the challenge, go to Enter the basicinformation requested, then select your company name from the dropdown menu. Your company willcompete against other businesses, and Connecticut is competing against other states. When you recordyour rides at the National Bike Challenge website, the online tool tallies the miles you’ve ridden, thecalories you’ve burned, the money you’ve saved in gas, and the greenhouse gases you’ve avoided. Allyour bike rides, whether they are commuting, for errands, for recreation or by mountain bike, can beentered in the challenge.Then, be a Part of Bike to Work 2012: It’s Easier than You Think! Don’t forget, there will be manyBike to Work events during May and throughout the summer. Check tofind an event near you. Bike Walk Connecticut is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to making bicycling and walking safe, feasible and attractive for a healthier, cleaner Connecticut. Visit us at PO Box 270149, West Hartford, CT 06127-0149 | 860.904.2420 | |

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