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Polycom sound station connect faq

Polycom sound station connect faq
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the Polycom® SoundStation® Connect conference phone? Polycom SoundStation Connect is a USB-based conference phone that delivers superior audio performance from a computer for small to midsize conference rooms. What are the advantages of SoundStation Connect’s USB capability? Since the SoundStation Connect conference phone is USB-based and works with any UC softphone client running on any computer that support USB audio, no physical phone lines are required to conduct group audio conference calls. If your organization has standardized on a UC softphone application for your telephony needs, SoundStation Connect is the perfect conference phone for you. What other benefits does the SoundStation Connect provide? Unlike the built-in microphone and speakers on typical laptops, SoundStation Connect is designed for group audio conferencing with 360 degree microphone pickup, dynamic nose reduction, intelligent microphone switching, and automatic gain control. The SoundStation Connect phone also provides high-fidelity audio, with Polycom HD Voice™ technology at 7 kHz and voice pickup from up to 7 feet away. In addition, SoundStation Connect is easy to use with plug-and-play technology and no software drivers required. SoundStation Connect is powered by the computer’s USB port and is easily transportable for meetings in the office or on the go. What is Polycom HD Voice™ technology? Polycom HD Voice technology delivers much clearer, more vibrant and more life-like conversations than traditional analog phone technology. It combines wideband audio codecs with our patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ Technology 2 into a complete, integrated design to maximize the audio performance of your phone. Does that mean every call I make on the SoundStation Connect will be HD voice quality? There are a number of factors—in addition to the conference phone used—that determine the quality of a call. For example, calls to a traditional narrow band phone will be limited to the lower capabilities of that traditional phone. Apart from this factor, data traffic speed and processing speed on the computer when running multiple applications may impact the audio quality on SoundStation Connect. What if I call another phone that does not support HD Voice? The call will be in narrowband, traditional phone quality if the other phone or audio conferencing service does not support wideband capabilities. Even in narrowband calls, the SoundStation Connect phone offers the industry’s best narrowband audio quality on a conference phone. What is the maximum room size and maximum number of participants the SoundStation Connect phone can effectively handle? SoundStation Connect can easily cover rooms of up to 200 square feet (18 square meters) and is suitable for small to midsize rooms with 2 to 6 people.
  • 2.  SOUNDSTATION CONNECT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can expansion microphones also be added to the SoundStation Connect phone? No, SoundStation Connect does not support expansion microphones although it can be connected to external computer speakers for audio pass-through. phones using the USB port on the VVX phone. SoundStation Connect turns a private conversation from your desktop phone into a group conference with the touch of a button. Like Microsoft Lync, the VVX 500 and 600 business media phones are HID compliant so call indicators will be synchronized. Can the SoundStation Connect phone be connected to any Polycom video conferencing solutions? The SoundStation Connect phone is an ideal add-on to the Polycom RealPresence Desktop solution for enabling group conversations. How is the SoundStation Connect phone powered? SoundStation Connect is powered by the USB connector of the computer or VVX. No additional power source is required. What other UC softphone applications and computer operating systems can the SoundStation Connect phone work with? SoundStation Connect can be used with any UC softphone application, such as Microsoft® Lync®, IBM® Sametime®, Polycom RealPresence Desktop, Skype™ or Google Talk™, running on any Windows®, Mac® or Linux® computer that supports USB audio. If the softphone application is HID compliant (i.e., Microsoft Lync) the call indicators on SoundStation Connect will be synchronized with the indicators on the softphone UI. If the softphone application is not HID compliant, the call status indicator and the volume up/down indicator on the phone will not be lit and will not control call volume or hang-up / pickup on the client. The mute button on the phone will likewise not be synchronized with the client application but will work as expected and the indicator light will show red when the phone is muted. Is Microsoft Lync interoperability supported on the SoundStation Duo? Yes, the SoundStation Connect conference phone works seamlessly with Microsoft® Lync®. Additionally since Lync is HID compliant, the call indicators on the UI and on the phone will be synchronized. Are there other devices suitable for using with SoundStation Connect? SoundStation Connection can also be used with Polycom VVX 500 and 600 business media     Does the SoundStation Connect phone have independent auxiliary connections for external audio inputs or outputs? SoundStation Connect includes a 3.5mm headphone jack for privacy. Alternatively, desktop computer speakers can be plugged in for audio pass-through. How does the SoundStation Connect phone compare to the Polycom C100? The Polycom Communicator C100 USB speaker phone is a personal device and is intended for use by individuals. SoundStation Connect is designed with 360 degree microphone pickup for group conversations.

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