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Narrative info sheet

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. BH Info Sheet: NarrativeTvetzan TodorovEquilibrium - A sense of normality, the calm before the storm, normal everyday life for the world and characters.Disruption -The point where the story changes; a death, an event, a situation.Restoration - Where normality is restored; they all live happily ever after.Example: Superman Returns• Equilibrium - Nothing out of the ordinary here; an introduction to Superman growing up; Superman is doing what he does best (saving people); Lois Lane on a plane could act as a mini disruption.• Disruption - Introduction to Supermans arch-enemy Lex Luthor who is planning to take over and exterminate the world. Superman and Lex Luthor meet and fight until it looks like Superman will lose and die.• Restoration - Superman lives, Lex Luthor is destroyed, Lois Lane is safe and well and it is revealed that the little boy is their son. Vladimir Propps Character Types • Hero • Villain • Princess • The false hero • The donor • The princess father • The helper Example: Star Wars • Hero-Luke Skywalker • Villain-Darth Vader, Darth Maul • Princess - Padme Amidala, Princess Leia • The false hero - Anakin Skywalker (actually turns into Darth Vader!) • The donor - Han Solo (donates his spaceship to help the cause) • The helper- Obi-Wan KenobiLewi Strauss - Binary OppositionsThe idea that conflict drives the narrative, for example:• Good vs bad• Man vs woman• East vs west• Black vs whiteAnd so on.Example: Pirates of the Caribbean Rich vs poor The upper class fight the peasants and pirates Good vs evil The pirates (bad) fight civilians or good pirates Living vs dead Living pirates/soldiers fight the cursed dead pirates Water vs land The action takes place both on land and on ships Military vs pirates Soldiers battle with the pirates Man vs woman Elizabeth Swann vs Jack Sparrow for exampleAs you can see, this causes conflicts and fights (which inevitably fit the action-adventure genre) but drives thenarrative through to its end point.Action-Adventure Resource Pack for AQA GCSE Page 49 of 94 © ZigZag Education, 2010

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