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Portabrace compact hd carrying case

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Compact HD Carrying Case Compact HD Carrying Cases (CS-DV) protect and organize cameras and essential accessories. The bottom panel is reinforced with rigid engineered plastic, foam layers and a new layer of anti-skid material, which adds an extra layer of protection against water, dirt and grime with an easy wipe-off surface. Padded pouches and camera cradle included. Shoulder Strap included (CS-DV2 and above) Model Interior Length Interior Width Interior Height CS-DV1U/R 12.5” / 31.75cm 7” / 17.78cm 7” / 17.78cm CS-DV2U/R 14” / 35.56cm 7” / 17.78cm 7” / 17.78cm CS-DV3U/R 18” / 45.72cm 7”/ 17.78cm 8.5” / 21.59cm CS-DV4U/R 21.5” / 54.61cm 8”/ 20.32cm 10” / 25.4cm Fold-down storage pocket Brand Camera CSDV Model Sony PMW-EX1, EX1R CS-DV3U/R Sony HDR-AX2000 CS-DV3U/R Sony HXR-NX5U CS-DV3U/R Sony HVR-Z7U CS-DV3U/R Panasonic AG-HVX200 CS-DV3U/R Panasonic GH-HMC150 CS-DV4U/R JVC GY-HM100 CS-DV3U/R Camera cradle & JVC GY-DV300 CS-DV3U/R soft pouch Canon XF-305 CS-DV4U/R Canon XH-A1, G1 CS-DV3U/R Canon XL-H1, XL-2 CS-DV4U/R Included White Balance Padded Card Premium upgrade Suede carrying Camera handles available

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