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Nicola Auciello biography.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. nicola auciello architetto via del pastore faustolo,5 - 00181 roma (italy) t.+39 0678349610 f.+39 06233202033 na3.itNicola Auciello (Avellino, 1970) took his degree at Rome’s La Sapienza University. In 2003 hefounded na3-studio di architettura, actually in Rome where he currently works. Nicolas work rangesfrom public and residential architecture, interior to industrial design and exhibit design and graphics.He has participated in numerous international architecture competitions, including a competitionheld for redevelopment of the Formia marina and Fregene beach and Monteriggionis offices and in2002 Promosedia International Competition. He has worked on numerous architecture projectspublished in newspapers, architecture magazines and books. In 2001 he planned the renovation andnew installations for the Museo della Civiltà Romana in Rome, commissioned by FiatEngineering (today Maire Engineering) working with Marta Laudani, Marco Romanelli and MassimoNoceto. In 2009 two projects of public works was selected for Twelfth Triennial ArchitectureInterarch in Sofia (Bulgaria). Na3 work, in 2009, was selected for exhibition on FinnishPavilion in Sevilla (Spain), in 2010 have an exhibit in Triennale Milano and was selectet atRomArchitettura prize for a project builded by a young architect and winner prizeof Residential Space Design Excellence at Biennial Architecture IAI Shangai (China). Heis currently working on a project for a Municipal Sport Center for artistic athlets in Ladispoli(Rm) and for a residential project for a loft in Capalbio, located in a historic place and offices forUnicredit Banca of Capitalias Group. In the field of design, he has worked on projects for Modo,MttFactory, Laboratorio La.Ca., Pallucco Italia, Staf, Punto Pelle; numerous architectures lecturesand exhibitions in Italy and Europe: Contemporanea_Rome, Salone del Mobile_Milan, MiArt_Milan,Casa dellArchitettura_Rome, Buildup_Milan, Vittoriano Museum Complex_Rome, Valmarana-Braga Palace_Vicenza, Triennial Architecture 2009_Sofia, Finnish Pavilion_Sevilla, Visions BeyondMedia_Firenze, Architecture Festival_Terni, Biennial of Architecture_Shangai, Triennale_Milano.He combines his work in design with historical and critical research, and has published essays onarchitecture and design magazines and webzines, today on Domus web.

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