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Participating in the political process is a vital component of an effective
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Warner conducted a top-to-bottom review of a corporate
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Political Action Introduction Participating in the political process is a vital component of an effective government relations program. Government relations strategies support current operations, marketing and business development efforts, and strategic growth goals. Members of the U.S. Congress make policy (market) and funding decisions affecting how Federal agencies, states, and municipalities and industrial and commercial entities can plan, operate, and make capital improvements. These decisions, or lack of decisions, impact how companies and other interests can effectively meet internal objectives and support or provide the necessary goods and services to meet the internal objectives and their clients’ needs. Political Action Committees (PACs) play an important role in the success of Federal government relations activities. PACs are the best way to ensure transparency, coordination and alignment between political activity and government relations efforts. Overview of Services Relying on nearly 30 years of government relations and political action expertise, Ann Warner LLC offers the following services: • Evaluating, strategically developing and implementing political action programs to support the issues and concerns unique to all divisions and locations, current operations, business development efforts, and corporate strategic growth goals; • Creating internal and external PAC education, communication and marketing programs; • Devising and implementing PAC solicitation campaigns; • Developing strategic PAC contribution plans; and, • Coordinating compliance with Federal Election Commission and Federal ethics rules. Evaluating Political Action Programs Ann Warner LLC has extensive experience in evaluating political action programs, including political action committees, targeting relevant issue identification and building advocacy/education strategies. ANN WARNER LLC transportation | infrastructure | aviation | water
  • 2. Warner conducted a top-to-bottom review of a corporate PAC (U.S. affiliate of an international corporation). She recommended and implemented numerous improvements to its structure, solicitation and contribution strategies. For a second corporate client, Warner identified specific existing corporate policies, authorization and appropriations items directly affecting the corporation’s current operations and business development needs. She, in turn, identified those candidates serving on the congressional committees (or having leadership responsibilities) having jurisdiction over the matters of interest. Warner excels at leveraging the resources of other industry advocates, associations and coalitions to build support for and obtain passage (or defeat) of legislation or regulations of mutual interest. Warner has been a Federally-registered lobbyist for much of her career. During her tenure in Washington D.C, Warner has taken leadership roles in several key national trade associations and helped her clients maximize their investment in these groups by recommending how to participate in various groups: encouraging committee involvement; identifying sponsorship opportunities; and, securing speaking/moderating spots at national conferences and workshops. Solicitation Programs The key to successful fundraising for a corporate PAC is to regularly educate eligible employees about the impact Federal lawmakers can have on a company’s continued success. Ann Warner LLC has developed successful (or effective) PAC solicitation programs that: • Fully comply with all applicable Federal laws, regulations, and guidelines; • Combine in-person solicitations and presentations with additional personal outreach and regular follow-ups; • Regularly communicate PAC plans, activities and accomplishments using print/electronic media, and personal outreach; • Identify and coach PAC donors to represent the PAC by attending events in the Washington, D.C. or in the candidate’s home State or District; and, • Include donor recognition and maintenance programs. PAC Communications As Vice Chair and Board to her client’s (a U.S. subsidiary of a foreign-owned company) Federal PAC, Warner developed a communications and marketing program providing current information to executives and managers. Newsletter Warner created the first-ever quarterly corporate PAC newsletter featuring updates on key issues affecting the company and its various business units. The newsletter profiled Federal lawmakers serving on key committees having responsibility for the policies or funding decisions on issues of interest; analyzed shifts in the political landscape; and, compared the PAC’s performance to those operated by competing companies. Website Warner subsequently created a government relations website and a secure PAC website providing more frequent updates and insights on congressional and PAC activities. The websites featured a detailed analysis of Federal legislative issues affecting the company, compliance information, and feature articles and photographs of company employees meeting with Federal lawmakers. Also, the websites offered constituent assistance, and included voter registration and polling information. transportation | infrastructure | aviation | water
  • 3. Strategic Contribution Strategy A strategic PAC contribution strategy (plan) supports candidates representing areas where a company has facilities or current operations; lawmakers serving on legislative committees that make policy, control the flow of funds or have regulatory oversight over the company’s industry. Geography For her corporate client’s PAC, Warner identified key states where the company had a significant presence – offices, operations or customers. Warner identified internal colleagues to serve as state coordinators to help identify the Federal issues impacting the particular state or region, recommend candidates to support in the plan, and coordinate participation in fundraising events. Jurisdiction Warner recommended contributions to candidates who appreciated the importance of the company’s key issues, including: environmental remediation; climate change; energy; security; water infrastructure and transportation. These candidates generally were also those Members serving on committees that authorize funding for the programs or projects the company supports or have the regulatory oversight for government, industrial and commercial clients. Along with the authorizers, Warner recommended specific, relevant candidates serving on the House and Senate appropriation committee – those actually controlling the flow of Federal monies. Industry Especially when identifying challenges worthy of PAC consideration or support, Warner regularly worked with PAC members and industry colleagues. Coordinate PAC Compliance Regulations and guidelines governing political activity by individuals, corporations, trade associations, non-profits, and educational groups are constantly changing. PAC managers and administrators, in cooperation with legal, compliance, and accounting services, along with ethics advisors, need to continually review policies and procedures to ensure that individual and corporate interactions with lawmakers are handled legally and ethically. Ann Warner LLC has experience in: • Recommending and implementing changes to PAC operating procedures, guidelines and approval processes; • Working with internal and outside counsel and ethics experts to ensure that all solicitations and expenditures comply with appropriate Federal and state campaign finance regulations; • Working with internal legal department and outside counsel and ethics experts to develop training programs to ensure corporate compliance with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines; • Coordinating corporate compliance with Federal Election Commission and other regulatory reporting requirements; • Updating company policies to ensure compliance with Federal, state and local ethics and gift limits or bans; and, • Communicating company policies by posting on internal PAC websites and including in presentations, newsletters and other written/oral products. transportation | infrastructure | aviation | water

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