Test a Diamond of a Moissanite with Presidium Testers ...
jewel/gemstone and measures how week or strong the stone is. A PresidiumGem Tester or Presidium Multi Tester provides us a...
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Presidium moissanite tester

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Test a Diamond of a Moissanite with Presidium Testers What is Presidium Moissanite tester? Where it is used? Presidium Moissanite testers are used as a diamond tester. Moissanite is thebeautiful gemstone looks like a diamond to the naked eye, which also carry outa heat as rapid as a diamond, thus a diamond tester conducting heatconductivity tester won’t differentiate Moissanite from diamond. So it mighthappen that you wanted to buy a diamond but by accidently you came homewith Moissanite. Moissanite has 10 to 15% of the value of diamond like weightand lucidity. You can differentiate Diamond and Moissanite in several ways. AsMoissanite is soft than diamond so you can try giving a scratch on Moissanite.But by scratching Moissanite you might waste some Moissanite and to test youput actual scratches on diamond which will not be affordable. You can scratchon a diamond surface with any sharp diamond point which will you understandthe softer rigidity direction. So to avoid all these tests and instead of spoilingsuch precious gems like diamond and Moissanite we can use Diamond andMoissanite Testers. Yes, Moissanite testers in India are available veryeffortlessly.Now a day several types of testers are available in the market; such as diamondMoissanite dual tester, electronic Moissanite tester, presidium multi testers;Diamond and Moissanite testers. Now you must be thinking that, how accuratethese testers must be? Are these all reliable? Yes these testers give you theaccurate measurement of Diamond or Moissanite. You need to make sure that,you are purchasing a good quality Diamond Moissanite dual testermanufactured by a well know company. There you can guarantee of accuracyand durability. It will be the most convenient way to test Diamond orMoissanite. Presidium Moissanite Tester put an electrical current into the
  • 2. jewel/gemstone and measures how week or strong the stone is. A PresidiumGem Tester or Presidium Multi Tester provides us an ease to evaluate the gemslike Diamond or Moissanite. As this method is very fast, particularly when youare testing multiple Moissanites it will help you definitely.Moissanite testers in India are available in all over the metropolitan or selectedcities. The basic few features of reliable handheld Moissanite tester are; it’ssurface mount equipment. You get immediate rest report after testing the Gem.There is zero waiting time to get test reports of Moissanite and Diamonds. It hasa plain LED display for Diamond and Moissanite and other Gems. Presidiummulti tester has in-built metal detector and a low battery indicator it also has awonderful feature that, it shuts down in automatic power down. Theseelectronic Moissanite testers or reliable handheld Moissanite testers hasminimum one year factory warranty. The manufacturing company takes all theresponsibility of replacing or repairing the Presidium Gem tester or reliablehandheld Moissanite testers.

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