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Press Release - Abacus Technologies Ltd

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release - Abacus Technologies Ltd

  • 1. Abacus Technologies Ltd, Cakemore Road, Row ley Regis, B65 0QW Tel +44 (0)333 566 00 66 Email: Info@aba-tech.com Abacus Technologies & RAMPF Tooling Solutions Partner with Cube Precision Engineering A new partnership between innovative British material design solution experts Abacus Technologies and RAMPF Tooling Solutions Germany, manufacturers of products for model, mould and tool making has been launched within the site of the family run, Rowley Regis based, Cube Precision Engineering. The partnership sees two Midlands brands in Abacus and Cube unite to present a comprehensive service and product offering for tooling and modelling to its customers to assist in the manufacture of tools with CNC machining services and press tool making as well as with a large range of modelling materials “Abacus is a new business which has been trading only since the start of 2015 but is already on course to hit first year turnover of around £1.4 million offering customers tooling boards, modelling materials and even 3D printers – the business positions itself as a leading partner for design and innovation” explains Abacus Technologies Technical Director, Harry Curtis. “The partnership with RAMPF Tooling Solutions is exciting as they are the brand leaders for engineering and chemical solutions in the field of model, mould and tool making and are the largest producer of styling, modelling and working board materials world-wide. We are able to offer these products for the first time in the UK through our online platform.” Abacus Technologies now operate out of a unit at the Cube Precision Engineering site on Cakemore Road, Rowley Regis. Managing Director and Vice President of Made in the Midlands; Neil Clifton was keen to bring Abacus expertise onsite to benefit from the mutual partnership that a tooling board manufacturer and tool maker between them might engineer; “Our background is in providing press tools for the major automotive brands but also high precision CNC machined components for aerospace. The technology offered in tooling board design, materials and manufacture is a perfect marriage for Cube Precision Engineering as we can win and refer work between the two companies which has already produced results – adding to an already formidable offering” said Cube Precision’s Managing Director, Neil Clifton. With the paradigm shift of 3D printing technology finding its place in manufacturing, Abacus is well positioned to assist UK manufacturers and engineers understand, adopt and commercialise this new technology. "Being at the cutting edge of technology enables our customers to lead in quality and design and we're certainly early adopters of a technology which is widely regarded to revolutionise manufacturing on a global scale. “I am confident that we have the right people on board, with the ability to really get inside a company and understand what they are currently doing and predict requirements in advance, streamlining the ordering and delivery process whilst also being able to offer solutions/better options to those who may not be as aware of what else is available. Having such knowledge is invaluable, and being smack bang in the middle of the country, only a phone call/short journey away means we can be your easiest and first choice of call.” Paul Cadman; Managing Director, Futura Group “These are very interesting times for Abacus Technologies: Our partnership with both Cube Precision and RAMPF Tooling Solutions can only help us grow within the tooling sector of the UK market place. We provide our customers and partners with customised tooling solutions for cost effective and high quality model, mould and tooling solutions. We at Abacus work with our customers to develop creative, customised solutions adapted to their specific needs, and are looking to diversify our client base as we have the know-how to assist many industries. Expert advice, customer – specific service and rapid technical support are all standard at Abacus.” Harry Curtis; Technical Director, Abacus Technologies Heinz Horbanski, Managing Director of RAMPF Tooling Solutions commented; “We look forward to a close cooperation with Abacus and Cube Precision Engineering. The combined expertise of the three companies guarantees high quality, cost effective and sustainable model, mould and tool engineering for our customers.”

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