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TIBCO Developer-Wipro Technologies
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Organization: Wipro Technologies
Period: Jan 2014- Nov 2014
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 Documentation, Interface Designing, Coding and Unit Testing
Title: Customer Inquiry Service
Client: Wipro Internal
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Nageswara Reddy Ambati

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NAGESWARA REDDY AMBATI ▪ ▪+91-9019107776 TIBCO Developer-Wipro Technologies CAREER SUMMARY  Senior Software engineer in WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES with 2 years 10 months experience in middleware Technology “TIBCO”.  Expertise and real time exposure in full suite of TIBCO Products i.e. TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Business Connect, TIBCO Adapter for Active Database and TIBCO Adapter for File system.  Good Experience in TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Active Database Adapter (ADB), TIBCO Administrator, TIBCOFile Adapter.  Good Experience in EAI, ESB, SOA concepts. Designed and Developed Webservices/WSDL, SOAP in TIBCO Designer for both SOAP over HTTP and SOAP over JMS.  Having knowledge and worked on internal projects/POCs on other TIBCO Products like TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO AMX BPM, TIBCO Iprocess, TIBCO Spotfire.  Got a very good opportunity to work in Banking, Manufacturing and Retail domains.  Procured good experience in interacting with clients to get the requirements.  Proficient in understanding the client requirements and analyzing them and strong dedication and attitude to provide the accurate deliverables in smart way before expected time. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Organization: Wipro Technologies Title: CI/SAO Application Maintenance Client: CITI BANK Period: Nov 2014 - Present Role: Senior Tibco Developer Project Description: Citi BANK is one of the largest and most highly rated financial-services BANK, focused on providing broking, investment banking, asset management, wealth management. Engagement is about Developing and maintaining the CI/SAO(Credit Initiation/Single Account Opening) applications in the form defects and enhancement across the various countries using TIBCO products. Responsibilities:  Development of CI/SAO interface applications.  Deploying the applications through TIBCO Administrator using TIBCO AppManage Utilities or manual deployment when required.  Coordinating with Clients and respective teams for getting the requirements and resolving issues.  Working with GEMS, to monitor the Enterprise Message Service.  Managing all application and infra related information for all APAC countries in DIT, SIT, UAT and PROD environments.  Troubleshooting and reporting issues in stipulated time.  Enhancement, tuning and performance improvement of TIBCOBW process  Giving respective estimation with respective to related Functional and Non-functional Change Request  Maintaining maximum uptime of applications, servers and monitoring the Performance  Managing the source code and document control systems.  Communicating with client/business unit and our development team member for new releases and application deployments
  • 2. Organization: Wipro Technologies Title: SEAGATE-TIBCO UPGRADE Client: SEAGATE Period: Jan 2014- Nov 2014 Role: Tibco Developer Project Description: Migration of the TIBCO BW Code developed in 5.6 version to the 5.10.0 version and TIBCO Business Connect from 5.x to 6.x. Project involved understanding the Business requirement, Business Agreement between host Seagate and other partners and protocols involved in the transaction. EDI guidelines were migrated that were initially developed using EDIFECS Spec Builder tool. Migration was done using EDISIM tool. Complete end to end testing was implemented to ensure correctness of migrated code. Testing was done using UNIX scripts to ensure that the old and newly generated output files are identical. Responsibilities  Migrating the code and deploying the applications in TIBCO BW ADMIN.  Testing the interfaces using UNIX Scripts and making changes to the guidelines whenever required.  Tracking Daily status and issues faced .  Attending the client calls for resolution of issues.  Handled interfaces that were using EZComm and RosettaNet protocols.  Worked on Scripted deployment for the project. Organization: Wipro Technologies Title: IPC(Integrated Project Centre) Project Client: Wipro Internal Period: June 2013- Jan 2014 Role: Tibco Developer Project Description: IPC (Integrated Projects Centre) a new initiative from BAS-EBI Domain in WIPRO to mentor team in integration suite like TIBCO by providing specialized classroom training, guided hands on exercises covering all features of product suites and completing CoE projects in real time project environment. Got hands on experience in real time on TIBCO products like TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO AMX BPM, TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO Iprocess, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Business Connect. Below is one of the internal projects delivered as part of this IPC program. Continuous Integration : This implementation had reduced repetitive manual processes using TIBCO AMX BPM technology. It can eliminate human dependency and give visibility of build/deployment/Unit testing using dashboard. It can also send email notification of success or failed events. And finally can check history of failed deployment and drill down to see further details, which helps in addressing common problems to avoid delay. Responsibilities:  Development and implementation of small to medium non-complex components of a project modules.  Completed all the required Proof Of Concepts (POC) on various products under the guidance of mentor with frequent review of accomplished objectives. Expected to learn the job towards developing domain knowledge along with technical/proprietary skills.
  • 3.  Documentation, Interface Designing, Coding and Unit Testing Title: Customer Inquiry Service Client: Wipro Internal Period: April 2013- June 2013 Role: Tibco Developer Project Description: In Customer Inquiry Web service application, two web services are exposed using HTTP/JMS. These web services are called by external client via SOAP over HTTP/JMS request. Request is received, parsed, transformed into new set of data which is used to further call the endpoint system i.e. Database, SOAP Request etc. Response is sent back to external client in the form of SOAP response. In case Error Handling, Error received on middleware is sent to external application in form of SOAP Fault. Responsibilities:  Developed and Designed Webservices  Tested with dummy input to find if the output is expected.  Troubleshooting issues  Documentation  Presented the same to respective internal client. SKILLS Middleware Technology: TIBCO TIBCO Integration Tools: TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO Business Connect, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO AMX BPM, TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO Iprocess. TIBCO Messaging Tools: TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Rendezvous. TIBCO Admin & Monitoring Tools: TIBCO Administration, TIBCO Hawk Webservices: SOAP, WSDL,XML Repository Tools: Tortoise SVN, XML Canon. Database: Oracle 11g Languages: Java, C++, C. Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows XP/7.

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