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Porsche Informatik Case Study

Porsche Informatik increases network security, ensures compliance, optimizes firewall operations and saves on headcount through its use of AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Case Study Leading European Automobile Trading Enterprise Simplifies Network OperationsCustomer Name: Porsche Informatik increases network security, ensuresPorsche Informatik GMBH compliance, optimizes firewall operations and saves on headcount.Line of Business:Automobile Trading AlgoSec Business Impact:Headquarters: Increased IT productivity without adding headcountAustria Reduced time and resources required to implement firewall policy changes Improved IT Governance and accountability over the network security policyFirewall Solutions: Improved security posture by eliminating unneeded rules and gaining visibility into the impact of proposed changesCheck PointAlgoSec Solutions:AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer Background Porsche Informatik is a subsidiary of Porsche Holding, one of the biggest private trading enterprises in Austria and the most successful automobile trade companies in Europe. Porsche Informatik integrated software solutions for the automobile sector serving importers, retailers and financial service providers in 15 countries. With its multi-vendor, multi-firewall infrastructure consisting of various Check Point clusters and firewalls, Porsche Informatik has been supporting some of the most successful automobile brands including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Seat and Skoda. Challenge As an enterprise serving the leading automobile brands in the world, Porsche Informatik is committed to ensure the integrity of its network and maintain compliance with corporate security policies. Optimizing its operations is another top priority. With a large number of firewalls undergoing continuous rule changes, Porsche Informatik’s team had to manually confirm that all of the changes were correctly configured and adhered to corporate policy. To do this Porsche Informatik needed to keep track of changes: when they were made, who made them and verify that they weren’t introducing clutter and subsequent risk into their environment. “As the rule base continued to grow, it became increasingly complex and harder to keep track of the details”, says Anton Spitzer, Infrastructure Services Manager at Porsche Informatik. “Monitoring and auditing of our firewalls and clusters has become a painstaking manual, time and labor intensive process and we felt we needed to handle it more effectively”. Porsche Informatik had no automated system that enabled them to review and audit all changes and analyze their operational and security effect on the network. They wanted a solution that would allow them to automatically and comprehensively manage the entire change lifecycle of their heterogeneous firewall infrastructure to improve and optimize operations, to bolster security and to comply with the corporate security policy in an easier way.
  • 2. “ Solution Porsche Informatik selected AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer to provide automated, comprehensive firewall operations and security risk management. “AFA allows our team to quickly and easily understand the“We quickly saw a clear operational and security impact of rule changes on our corporate policy, while at the same time provides areturn on our investment detailed audit trail, which is crucial for us to maintain compliance”, says Spitzer.with the AlgoSec FirewallAnalyzer, which has From an operations and risk perspective, AFA allows Porsche Informatik to instantly know which rulesenabled us to significantly and objects are obsolete, invalid and duplicated and where potential security holes exist. With thisincrease the efficiency of information, Porsche Informatik easily cleaned up their rule base leading to improved manageability,our firewall operations increased performance and reduced complexity and subsequently reduced without increasingour headcount. With AFA AFA’s auditing capabilities also addressed Porsche Informatik’s objective to maintain end-to-end accountability. It also provides them with comprehensive real-time tracking and automated alerting to keywe can focus on what team members on executed changes and the operational and security implications of those most important toPorsche Informatik – our “AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer fills a critical need for us by automating what was a manual, labor intensivecustomers,” and error prone process. AFA allows us to get all of our firewall information in one place, providing IT Governance and visibility where it did not exist,” said Spitzer. “AFA provides a unified analysis and view ofAnton Spitzer, our complex policy, showing us the impact changes have on our network. With the AFA we cleaned up ourInfrastructure Services, existing policy base and now utilize the “what if” analysis to prevent the introduction of clutter and riskPorsche Informatik. into our environment.” Results With AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer, Porsche Informatik has been able to intelligently automate what until now had been manual, labor and time intensive tasks. AFA has enabled Porsche Informatik to optimize their firewall operations and improve their network security while enforcing corporate policies to provide improved IT Governance. The ability to clean up their firewall policy has streamlined network operations. Porsche Informatik now has visibility into their firewall infrastructure. They can now easily determine the necessity of changes and their potential security implications which saves them time and effort. As a result productivity has increased without adding headcount. “After several months of use, the AFA has made a quantifiable impact on our firewall operations and security risk management. Now we know exactly what changes are being made, by whom and the implications of those changes on our operations and security posture,” said Spitzer. “We are now spending much less time analyzing and auditing our firewalls. This has freed up our IT personnel to work on additional projects. As a customer-centric company, optimized internal operations translate directly to our clients by allowing Porsche Informatik to focus wholly on their needs.”AlgoSec.comHeadquarters EMEA Headquarters R&D Center300 Colonial Center Parkway 145-157 St. John Street 94 Em Hamoshavot RoadRoswell, GA 30076 London EC1V 4PY Petah Tikva, 49527USA United Kingdom Israel+1-888-358-3696 +44-207-099-7545 +972-3-921-7377Copyright © 2011 AlgoSec. Inc. All rights reserved.AlgoSec and FireFlow are registered trademarks of AlgoSec Inc. ActiveChange, Intelligent Policy Tuner, Deep Policy Inspection and the AlgoSec Logo are trademarks of AlgoSec Inc. All other trademarks used hereinare the property of their respective owners.

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