Analysis  of  reac1ons  to  Elec1on  of  Pope   Francis   Alkis  Papadopo...
Timeline  of  Feedback   Data  was  gathered   ...
Overall  Sen4ment  of  Feedback   A   lot   of   posi1ve...
Key  themes  associated  to  Pope  Francis  Top  10  themes  and,  to  the  right,  those  very  closely  ...
Breadth  of  concepts  discussed  online   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   5  
Varying  viewpoints  about  Pope  Francis   An  ordered  list  of  dominant  ideas  men1oned  in  English  s...
Influen4al  posters   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   7  
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Pope francis social media drill down

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pope francis social media drill down

  • 1. Analysis  of  reac1ons  to  Elec1on  of  Pope   Francis   Alkis  Papadopoullos   Founder  and  CTO   2013-­‐03-­‐22   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   ©  Semeon    2013                          1
  • 2. Timeline  of  Feedback   Data  was  gathered   on  the  day  of  the   announcement  of   the  Elec1on  of   Pope  Francis.  We   see  quite  a  fair   balance  between   nega1ve  and   posi1ve  feedback   across  all  sources.   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   2
  • 3. Overall  Sen4ment  of  Feedback   A   lot   of   posi1ve   feedback   in   Spanish   compared   to   English   sen1ment   below.   In   fact   three   and   half   1mes   more   posi1ve   posts   in   Spanish.   In   English,   there   is   a   more   balanced   sen1ment   of   feedback   with   respect   to   the   Elec1on   Pope   Francis.   Nega1ve   feedback   edges   out   posi1ve   feedback   in   this  case.     Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   3
  • 4. Key  themes  associated  to  Pope  Francis  Top  10  themes  and,  to  the  right,  those  very  closely  linked  to  the  men1ons  of  Pope  Francis   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   4
  • 5. Breadth  of  concepts  discussed  online   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   5
  • 6. Varying  viewpoints  about  Pope  Francis   An  ordered  list  of  dominant  ideas  men1oned  in  English  show  feedback  indica1ng  skep1cism  about  the  new   pope  as  well  as  some  of  his  policy  ideas  rela1ng  to  abor1on,  gay  marriage,  contracep1on,  etc.   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   6
  • 7. Influen4al  posters   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   7
  • 8. Contact  us  if  you  would  like  to  learn  more  about  Semeon  Analy4cs  or  to  obtain  the  Spanish  or  French  versions  of  this  report  +1  514  861-­‐9255   Semeon  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al   8

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