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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER Budget Summary for MSICSLProgram Description:The Student Involvement Community Service Center (CSC) provides leadershipdevelopment opportunities for students by offering them the chance to participate involunteer programs and activities in various community settings. The CSC isresponsible for recruiting and placing students in volunteer positions, promoting serviceopportunities to student organizations and to all undergraduate and graduate students,programming community and campus service events such as MLK day of service,coordinating with various departments on campus, working collaboratively with facultyinvolved in community service and service-learning opportunities, and maintaining closerelationships with community agencies.In addition, the CSC works with student organizations and Halsell Hall to encouragevolunteering and connect students with opportunities for service through service events,informational programming (volunteer service fairs, etc.), and by building relationshipswith on-campus and off-campus partners.Describe how this budget benefits students (themes, initiatives, or sub-categories):Students who participate in service through the Community Service Center have theopportunity to gain the following from their experience: network with professionals intheir prospective fields of employment, learn about job opportunities, expand theirawareness of people from different backgrounds, build relationships with differentcommunity members, attain a sense of accomplishment, learn fundraising and strategicplanning techniques, help the community, and have an impact on someone’s life. Duringspecial service project events, students have the opportunity to complete service withacademic and professional faculty.The CSC budget includes funding for service initiatives such as the “Leave it to Beavers”community service project for incoming freshmen during Connect Week, Martin LutherKing Day of Service, the Volunteer Resource Guide distributed at START informationalfairs and other informational fairs and events throughout the year.New and continued ini

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