August 30, 2014
As per Merriam-Webster Online Dictionar...
first time to drive alone in Cubao, Quezon City some time in 2012. I drove into a street which I
didn't know was a one-way...
resources, lack of education, lack of self esteem and the likes? Therefore we have to make a stand to
become not a garbage...
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Pormula ni Juan

Proof that I am a good citizen
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. ALEJO M. RAQUEL JR. August 30, 2014 BSEE PORMULA NI JUAN PROOF I AM A GOOD CITIZEN As per Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, “good” is an adjective use to describe something or someone of favorable character or tendency. Meanwhile, it describes a “citizen” as a person who legally belongs to a country and has the rights and protection of that country. Definitions of the words are simply accessible; but could they be simply achieved? With all modesty, I can say that I am a good citizen. I am confident to say that my life story and experiences gave me proofs to being one. With that being stated, please allow me to give you the qualities, or should I say my own formula, which I work hard for to be good at least in my own simple ways: I am a person of dreams. Ever since I was a child, I always dreamt of becoming an engineer to be able to get a job post that would give us a better way of living. Actually, that dream was then unreachable but due to my determination, I was able to find ways to achieve that dream. At an early age, I worked for my family relatives to earn my allowance. And I was able to finish grade school and high school without my parents paying out a single cent because our city government was and still is sponsoring public school education in our place in Santolan, Pasig City. Also, I passed the entrance exam in Meralco Foundation Inc and became one of their scholars. With that, I graduated with a diploma in Industrial Instrumentation Technology; and my dream of having a good job post became a reality when I was hired as a machine operator in Unilever Philippines back in 2009. Currently, I am now a Project Specialist in Unilever. And now, I still am determined to have a degree in Electrical Engineering that is why I am doing my best and with all means just to become one. With dreams and determination to finish my studies, I became a person which aims for the right direction. Next set is integrity and compliance. These factors should be common to every citizen, with or without a college degree, young and old, local or foreign. Yet these factors are very hard to practice. I am not perfect but as much as possible, I am trying my best to be a law-abiding citizen of our country. I obey traffic rules, I obey street signs, I obey private sectors regulations, and I obey government policies. Obeying laws would never harm you since laws are made to protect its people. However, obeying doesn't mean that you would close your eyes to the injustice of the law itself or of its enforcers. What I mean is that we need to practice integrity not just by doing it ourselves but also correcting others by reporting their malpractices to the concerned offices. I have two experiences that would better explain this argument. It was my
  • 2. first time to drive alone in Cubao, Quezon City some time in 2012. I drove into a street which I didn't know was a one-way route. I was seen by an MMDA traffic enforcer and despite my explanation, he still handed me a ticket that obliging me to pay a penalty of 150 pesos. He did not confiscate my driver’s license but I need to pay the penalty in one week time at any MetroBank branch to clear my record in their office. I was impressed with the authority and attitude showed to me by the traffic enforcer since there was never a hint of intention to get money from me or “kotong” as what we call it. However, I had an experience early this year when we went to airport to fetch my brother-in-law. It was about one in the morning that we approached two stationed traffic enforcers to ask for direction. To our surprise, the enforcers who introduced themselves as Pasay traffic enforcers accused us of overloading. I have a Honda City 1998 model. My sister and her husband were at the back. They have with them the traveling bag of my brother-in-law since it was too big it couldn't fit at the compartment. On the passenger’s side was my girlfriend and my little brother. I admit that I didn't know that having two people on the passenger’s side could be considered as overloading. They confiscated my license and required me to claim it at Pasay Municipal Office with a penalty of 2,000 pesos. What happened next was to bargain. It wasn't my intention to offer any amount of money but I begged them to just spare me since it really was an honest mistake to have two people on the passenger’s side and it was my first time to drive on the area. I offered to give them 300 pesos. They didn't accept it so I just gave up to the fact that I really need to just abide. When we were about to leave and when I was asking for the ticket, the enforcers continued to argue. My sister suddenly said that if it was okay to just give them 500 pesos instead. We were more surprised that it was them who gave in to the bait. Although I also had a part on that malpractice, I still got disappointed with what had happened. I hope that that incident wouldn't happen again to me or to anybody else but would at least leave a lesson for all of us. Third on the line is love and respect for self and for others. I respect myself for not going into bad vices and by taking care of my body’s health. Also, I love and respect my family by giving them all the support I can give and by providing them with their needs. I make sure that despite the busy schedule at work, I would always have time for my family. I made it a point that all special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries should always be celebrated together and non-negotiable. I love my parents so much that I consider all their hardships as my inspiration to become a better person. Respecting others not related to me is also a value imparted to me by my parents. Respecting the elders, women, and children should be of practice. Also, favoritism should not come to play nor discrimination. I have to respect the religion, the gender preference, the perspectives, and the ideologies of others because by doing so, I am also respecting my own. It is also my duty to love and respect my country by being proud of my skin, my ancestors, my heroes, my destinations, and everything about the Philippines. I only have one country, one blood, one Pilipinas. Summing up good traits and highlighting them are impressive; however, it is also better to recognize the not-so-good characteristics and learn how to abolish them. When I was younger, my idea of taking care of nature is just by simply sorting biodegradable from non-biodegradable. And when I got older, I realized that I need to accept that our environment is no longer the place we aspire it to have been. Our Mother Earth has been abused in many ways, many times. And as a forward action, I have been participating to runs for a cause, have joined Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers (IIEE) for promotion of electrical safety and environment advocacies, and have participated to tree-planting projects of our company. In fact, I participated in the water waste program in our company which objective is to make the company waste non-toxic to the environment and of which standards are approved by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). To be a good citizen requires us to be honest and to become a good person. But how could we become one when we are full of negativity such as discouragement, hopelessness, mismanagement of
  • 3. resources, lack of education, lack of self esteem and the likes? Therefore we have to make a stand to become not a garbage of negativity and be a treasure chest of good vibes. All the traits mentioned have one common denominator which is love of God. All of us are love by God and we should love Him back by being a good citizen— a person of dreams, of determination and whom aspires for a good education. A person of integrity and who knows what compliance is. A person with love and respect for self, for others, and for the country. A person who is willing to choose to value the nature and abolish negativity. A good citizen should show all the mentioned traits thru multiplicative actions. Through multiplicative actions, collective practices will be achieved. Radiate the good attitude to the world so that the world will be good unto you. “Ipakalat ang pormula ni Juan upang ang bayan nating mahal ay umunlad at maging huwaran.”

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