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Natural disaster poster

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural disaster poster

  • 1. Call FIRE DISASTER DEVELOP A SAFETY PLAN, DO REGULAR EQUIPMENT TESTING & INSPECTION, AND CONDUCT A FIRE DRILL 911! Wildf ire s a re a co mm o n a nd wide sprea d n a tu ra l haz a rd in Ore g on . Caused by O ve r 41 m il l ion a cr es of Natural for est and ra ng e l a nd in O reg on ar e suscep ti bl e • Earthquake, volcanic eruption to w il dfire . and lightning - generated fires. • Damage to natural gas The ar ea s of hi g he st systems during an earthquake. risk are in ce nt ra l , • Power circuits in damaged s outhwe st , an d houses. nor the a st Ore g on . • Such fires usually start on the RE REGION ground as the dry THE RING OF FI Fue l, s lope, we at he r, litter (senescent leaves and a nd de v el opm en t a re twigs) catches fire easily. key com pone n t s i n Fire disaster mostly occur in the Arizona,California, w ildf ire haz a rd and Colorado region. Mainly caused by forest fire and ide nt if ica t io n. Manmade bush fire. -The image above shows the region where is known as the Ring of Fire where fire mainly occurred. • Fire caused by human/ machine errors such as How the residents of the area have adapted to their hazard-prone environment. industrial or chemical fire disasters. • Accidental fire and kitchen-People respond to the fire disaster by taking more per caution: • Chimney or fuel fire confined• install smoke alarm to chimney• fire extinguisher • Trash fire• install home fire sprinkler system• Develop a Family Disaster Plan; Damage - Learn the emergency number for the local fire • Deathsdepartment. - Practice a crawl-low escape • Destroy buildings, structures, - Draw a floor plan of their home; mark two fire and homes.escape routes for each room. •Destroy crops and vegetation. - Practice stop, drop, and roll. • Burn injuries and other• Conduct a home fire drill at least twice a year injuries. How people respond to and recover from fire disaster Fire signs • Learn the Fire Safety •Install Fire alarm system •Working together in the community by preventing False Alarms • Install Emergency Lighting • Put Fire Safety Signs in the community • Do regular equipment testing and inspection in every houses, building, and places. Forest fire