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Agency for International Language Study | Home Stay Courses New Website

Come and check out our brand new website broadcasting our special programs for learning the language you want abroad during a full immersion. This program includes a home stay with an accredited teacher, sharing family life and exchanging cultures. For more information : Stay connected with us on facebook, Twitter and Youtube:
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Brussels, 23/01/12 AILS Séjours linguistiques Rue Alphonse Renard, 55 1050 Bruxelles - Belgique www.cours-chez-le-professeur.comPRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact : Mr Laurent Potier, Operations Manager Phone : + 32 (0)2 344 41 44 AILS (Agency for International Language Study) launches a new website entierly dedicated to Homestay Language Courses www.cours-chez-le-professeur.comThe website (courses in your teacher’s home) features totalimmersion programmes during which participants are given private language classes by a teacher whilestaying with his or her family in the county of their choice. More than 20 languages are available for studyin over 40 countries !AILS has developped this new platform in order to enhance the visibility of these increasingly popular,high quality programmes. With an extremely wide range of destinations and options on offer, the newlydesigned website enables anyone to quickly and easily create their ideal, tailor-made programme in just afew clicks.On top of their language courses, clients can chose between no less than 24 different sports as well asa dozen other activities, ranging from kayaking or scuba diving to cooking or photography. Examplesinclude Mandarin Chinese courses in Beijing plus calligraphy, German and horseriding in Munich, Englishand Maori culture in New Zealand, and many, many more. Additionally, courses for specific purposes,such as Business or Exam Preparation, are also on offer.These programmes create outstanding conditions for language and cultural immersion. After theirprivate courses, guests keep on practicing the langage and get to know the culture by sharing theirhosts’ everyday life. Anyone can benefit from this : executives appreciate the opportunity to maximizetheir learning results over a short period, while parents love the assurance that their young ones willget constant personal attention and care. And all students reap the benefits of avoiding contacts withspeakers of their mother tongue !About AILSAILS was founded in Switzerland in 1996 and is now a network of six language travel agencies inGeneva, Lausanne, Paris, Nice, Lyon and Brussels. As AILS focuses on the French-speaking studentmarket, the new website is currently only available in French.