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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. MIDDCOM MIGUEL D. DESNERCK COMMUNICATION* PRESS RELATIONS| PRESS RELEASES | CORPORATE COMMUNICATION | EU MATTERSPRESS RELEASE - 16.05.2012 - BRUSSELSOn may 16th 2012, belgian liberal member of Brussels Regional Parliamentand councillor at the city of Brussels Els Ampe (VLD-flemish liberals) presenteda book called "A modern fairy tale", "Een modern sprookje", "Un conte defées moderne" in both national languages and english, in the premises of theELDR party. This book intends to give more information to expats and moreinformation to belgian nationals regarding local elections of october 14th 2012.In presence of ELDR former president Mrs. Annemie Neyts and several othermembers of regional parliaments for VLD, she emphasized the need tostrenghten the cohesion between expats and belgian national, and theknowledge of Brussels, capital of Europe for EU-citizens, by advocatingdifferent measures:- right of vote for EU-citizens for brussels regional parliament- suppression of language dvision (french-speaking parties, dutch speakingparties) for the election of Brussels regional parliament- schooltrips to Brussels and the European Institutions for EU youth.Els Ampe wants expats to love brussels and to find their way better in a citywhich is also belonging to EU-citizens, a city where they have to feel good.Brussels, according to Els Ampe is the symbol of peace in Europe and of theeuropean construction great leaders as Jean Monnet created througout theyears.Contact:Miguel D DESNERCK+32470839201migdesnerck@yahoo.co.uk* an activity of DESNERCK MEDIA Ltd (inc England&Wales 07288954)

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