People say they don’t really trust sponsored content‘
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Is it possible that 70% of Internet users actually like Native Advertising?

An infographic that provides some interesting data about Internet users' opinions of native advertising and sponsored content and about the media in general. Most of the data is taken from The Native Advertising Report.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Published in: Marketing      

Transcripts - Is it possible that 70% of Internet users actually like Native Advertising?

  • 1. People say they don’t really trust sponsored content‘ 93.41104, . ~r % Don’tgenera| ly ll -. Only ifltrustthe l. ‘ t_ V‘ tmst it it " publication " V . °/ o °/ o Ontyifltmstthe r: if Generally ; j| ‘jr ‘ brand already it trust it ' They don’t trust journalists & the media a whole lot more than advertising professionals! (People trust nurses most. ©) Have very high or high honesty & ethical standards Advertising profe$i0nals 1 Ga ll Ll p r‘egr, i|;3r'ly ‘ . , tl’re‘-_. r' rate the hr: rr'r r‘ r: rer: rr: rle in nor. ‘ "in Newspaper re porters :1 n d gri: :71:/ Al Nurses K)‘ three n r‘er: ii: rrter": . lT Have low or very low honesty & ethical standards rr: .ur . :rr' 23 r: i 38% Advertising professionals Newsp aper repo rte rs ‘i'ii;1t--' .7+*_. .1j~: .v-“i: ira:1.. «- rmirii: ca-; I'rr_ir; irr'i-i4r’ir_ri‘ri = _=. rc2t'v. .t; ir‘1i‘i. _~1lri<_; ‘_i: a! “Brand connection attributes” importantto consumers selecting a brand 3 ‘ ‘, ’~ . ~' A brand that regularly gave me usetul information in its advertising (‘f g 0/0 A brand that engaged me on rry passions and interests with its advertising W5 “— 0/ A brand that built a slro ng ermtional conneotionwith me through is advertising 3 O «1."'{r'. A brand that regularly communicated with me with advertising that told a corsisterrt story 7 -.3 Jltli. ‘ ii ‘ A brand thatproduced great ads, contentorideas that I oouldshare with my friends. .1ilt? .. l ind Listry 5‘ Just because they’re skeptical doesn’t mean they won’t read or watch if you deliver something noteworthy! . . I ' I, . 1. “nil? If’-lr"'— '-tile '-II''— '«I :4‘-H m1|Ii'—‘i'i*/ Ii"-I : iii'=4~ii'r’1'—. -‘ I1’. I-’ I. ’ l' ‘ ’. i‘| n-' ~‘i_'1‘llK‘tIlI"—l5 mlrlliilll :4-, l|l>= l ll Wlll; it ulLg| r'-_lII'Io u-l| lI'. =J| l~‘” “W: i-ML: '-lu‘ iii: mJ| Ir: iil in gr--mg -lulu" *9’-Il'— 1'1 I}: ¢jyIs]| };1rIiLIu‘ ‘qv '. || '«lil'i"—IITl~‘{'—i. ” V r. 'it~. Inr, -"Iuitquuraiisxan ~ib)ur’i: :r: .r. lllv_. --rain tr"t1,- -. i~: I.~z:4-¢LrI1um. f-I-. ri: that. -‘in -rm: ll", ("'. l"I'? ‘ in_nu; rir~- 1115;; ' ll 1|li(~- «; r.: ~:ltu; r ~I. 'vr.1‘(-tillulzl '_(*l| .I-‘ -(~IIli(; IIli. ..= ‘l-W‘-r —. v.. ,- il’ui;1r_. ?‘u; ‘rate: ~: t:4--r: .:‘. u-.4~: i" = .1i:1t; rn. I-.13:-I11-«:4 7EI(; 'I‘(§F, ‘I}_n'lg| -. _ur -. ,l‘alt-It; ol. "'f(~II; u~- imél fa; --, iur -j, ~I~l‘| l>_1°lK‘: l€l f-xv‘. -.. r 5-n‘z. m~tL. " [P Create valuable content. ..make it interesting, usefi. i| or humorous. match the behavior Of tr arrlierjt l: rr‘ar'ii: ler: t rth tlran r: r " ‘ ‘iii: Internet use rs wlio are interested in ads with valuable : :.onterit 4 4’ t ( I 54 I l J Internet rrz. whr: i are more o pie ii to online Edsthat tell astorj, r5 4 §4‘l 54 l l 5 Internet users who think rratirre ads can be mo re releirarit, build trust 8.. he lp them learn more about a brand's I st a s4‘ s4 ya sci so Make it contextually relevant. .. Quality matters! And the “ttfl” _ surrounding content and deliver of content should be consistent l V a similar content expe i1'e nce. with the site on which itappears. Make itvisually consistent. ..use r“ 1% that are similar to ‘ ‘ adjacent content and compatible l ' ‘_ F with overall page design. l ! _.: -mu: i"m1Ir: - r«. I.’-malt: until’. -*9 = .i9?l*. I:-Iii‘! -rlirlgl ii: -III. -1:. CI-mrnilnsrdl 'Ii- tent-“slltalswtsmzr. inmr ‘l"| l'a r‘I>. ,l: ‘il't: c:‘~itvir-.4-tt». ~l1u, gi : (': !:'~hiIi! Ii‘ aiililiiluilrr. -Ir itsltsi smil tmitgiiiiie. nizuuumv: Mniwalflaguuiizlrailmsnuii Sources: 1. Contertly, "Shay: Sponsored Content Has a Trus Piuhleri, ” July 2014 2‘ Gal up, "Hon estyflhics in Prcrtessi ons, ” Decem her 2013 Ir-°'— ~ _ae: -a. 4. JIYTM, "Native Jldverlsing Suvey, ”May 2013 l 2 gr cw Trazking name advertising 3. sponsored content 7. llol. 3- Ipsos, "Custom Content Best Practices, " Jane 2014 Make it t: ransparent. ..disc| osure should be clear and prominent. Always be honest and authentic. 3. think with Google, "lfllhenlhe Palhto Rirdrase Becomesthe Path to Purpose, ” Jine 2014 5. Edelman Elerland for he IJIB, "Gelfing In-feed Sponsored Cornea Rigrt, ” July 2014 6. Hubs tout, "llllhat is Native Jlwerlsi ng a rd How Does It lripact Go nsum ers? ," April 201 4

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