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all about soccer

all about soccer every little thing u need to know!
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Anna Crutchfield Gym sports paper. 11/1/12In most part of the world soccer is called football.Soccer is one of the most competetive sports in the u.s. .In soccer there are two teams of 12 players, each player has a different position.Forwards, right defender, left defender, middle feilder goalie, and of coarse your defense.The thing about soccer is that no players can touch the ball with their hands exept the goalie.This sport is a good exersise for dexertie, & balance. The most competative soccer is the worldcup, the most watched all around the country and it is held every 4 years. And if anyone trippspeople on purpose it’s a red card and u automaticaly get called of the field.[Type text]

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