English Assignment no: 1
SUICIDE BOMBING (A Suicide Attack)
A suicide attack is an attack upon a target, in which ...
English Assignment no: 1
MOBILE PHONES ( uses and abuses )
The invention of mobiles phones is a great achievement and pla...
English Assignment no: 1
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Nabi suicide bombing

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nabi suicide bombing

  • 1. English Assignment no: 1 1|Page SUICIDE BOMBING (A Suicide Attack) A suicide attack is an attack upon a target, in which an attacker intends to kill others and/or cause great damage, knowing that he or she will either certainly or most likely die in the process. Between 1981 and 2006, 1200 suicide attacks occurred around the world, constituting 4% of all terrorist attacks but 32% (14,599 people) of all terrorism related deaths. 90% of these attacks occurred in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. Although use of suicide attacks has occurred throughout recent history , particularly with the Japanese kamikaze pilots of World War II , its main notoriety as a specific kind of attack began in the 1980s and involved explosives deliberately carried to the target either on the person or in a civilian vehicle and delivered by surprise. Following the success of a 1983 truck bombing of two barracks buildings in Beirut that killed 300 and helped drive American and French Multinational Force troops from Lebanon, the tactic spread to insurgent groups like the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, and Islamist groups such as Hamas. Observers believe suicide attacks have become popular because of their lethal effectiveness, but attackers' motivation is disputed. One scholar ,Robert Pape, attributes over 90% of attacks prior to the Iraq Civil War to a goal of withdrawal of occupying forces; while another, Scott Atran, argues that since 2004 the overwhelming majority of bombers have been motivated by the Ideology of Islamist martyrdom, and that these attacks have been much more numerous. In just two years 2004–2005 there were more suicide attacks, "roughly 600, than in Pape's entire sample By contrast, professor Adam Lankford contends that although suicide attackers are used by organizations for political purposes and claim to be ideologically-driven "martyrs," they are actually suicidal in the clinical sense and are attempting to escape personal crises. But in real it is not the phenomenon of Muslims. When some political problems creates an environment of injustice, violence, poverty and concepts of inferiority’ these all factors lead the people towards an intention to do something wrong not only with others but also with himself. Any person who has nothing to lose is more dangerous than any danger. He who doesn’t want to live in such condition can easily be a victim of some destructive forces and his brain can easily be washed through some wrong information or by offering a large amount of wealth for his family’s future. According to recent researches in current years mostly suicide bombers are Muslims. We are Muslims but unfortunately we don’t have enough knowledge about our religion. Due to this reason some people can easily trapped by some negative propagandas about Islam, as some forces are using them in the against of Islamic values. Those unaware people think that they are doing well but in real they are destroying humanity. For controlling such actions we should develop a system that acknowledged people with the true values of our religion. We must know Islam never support brutality and is not supporting the acts against the humanity. We have to develop an environment of equality, justice, provide equal opportunities to every class,do equal distribution of resources, so that suicide bombing can be stopped. Paragraph Writing
  • 2. English Assignment no: 1 MOBILE PHONES ( uses and abuses ) The invention of mobiles phones is a great achievement and plays an important part in our daily life. Its many aspects are beneficial but some are negative effects as well.Its development brought convenience and advantages to the world. Communication between people to people becomes so easier and very fast. We put through people from any place on bus, in street or in a meeting to send messages for less than the price of call. Internet can be access through it and also used to make photos and videos. At the same time, parents can control their children and it is essential for emergencies. Business deals can be done on a single call through cell phone outside of office in park or in any shopping centre. This invention gets closer the world to a single point. Internet is also available at cell phone. The radiations of mobile may be dangerous to health and may cause headache, earache and blurring vision. These invisible hygienic radiations destroy the cells located in ear and head region which causes damage to the brain and nephrons in head region. If anyone understand that by using mobiles constantly one's hearing capacity comes down drastically, especially people who are in the mid 50s and if they speak 4 to 5hours in a day on the mobile, they are bound to have hearing problem. Its use in impropriate places causes disturbance sometimes, such as in classrooms etc.Mobile phones with camera are causing privacy problems such as using it as a hidden camera to take pictures and making videos Paragraph Writing
  • 3. English Assignment no: 1 Paragraph Writing

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