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Leading Real Estate CEO Steps Down to Launch Coaching and Consulting
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. For Release Press Release Leading Real Estate CEO Steps Down to Launch Coaching and Consulting Company. Newport Coast, California August 17, 2015 Following more than 15 years at the pinnacle of his field, Aaron Hodson, Real Estate CEO of Harcourts International for 5 years prior to becoming CEO of Harcourts USA for the next 4 years, has made the decision to step down from his Harcourts USA CEO title. Aaron has made the choice to focus solely on his thriving consulting and coaching company, The ALMH CONSULTING GROUP. His current and future clients will further reap the benefits of his extensive experience now that he is entirely devoted to the primary aspect of his successful career that catapulted him to the level of expertise and respect that he continues to maintain in this competitive industry. Mr. Hodson’s career commenced as a sales person in 1999. He rapidly became the number one agent leading him to the next step of owning and expanding the number one brokerage in Australia by the age of 30. He then sold his company to launch the international expansion of one of the leading real estate groups in the world adding over 250 offices worldwide. Entering the California market in 2011, during a time when even the most historically successful companies were still reeling from the downturn in the market, Mr. Hodson successfully launched the Harcourts brand to include 40 offices and over 750 agents in his 5 year tenure as CEO. As an independent Business Consultant and Real Estate Coach, Aaron has the ability to share and teach his skills in building and growing a lucrative business regardless of the market conditions. By utilizing the qualities that helped to make him a success, others will benefit first hand to achieve their goals in all areas of their business that need improvement. Aaron will undoubtedly offer clients the tools to achieve goals that will far exceed any initial expectations that they had for their business success. He also has the intuitive ability to highlight areas that might not be recognized as something critical that is holding them back. This quality is something that only a seasoned individual of his caliber in the industry can fully understand and utilize to help other companies. Aaron has spoken and coached through out the world on business growth and success in sales. His new venture will offer a fresh perspective for business owners and sales people who are looking to take their career to the next level. If you would like any further information regarding business or agent coaching, or have an event that needs a dynamic speaker, please contact

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