This project seeks to be the vehicle that drives societal unity by its very presence. The nature of
a “pop - up” temporary...
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Pop-Up Kiosk (11x17) For Print

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pop-Up Kiosk (11x17) For Print

  • 1. This project seeks to be the vehicle that drives societal unity by its very presence. The nature of a “pop - up” temporary structure creates the unique ability to proactively reach out to many different areas and people groups. San Diego culture is developing and expanding at a high rate of speed that can compete with Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other culturally rich cities. As an urban laboratory, San Diego is in dire need of a unifier. With the different districts and villages, it is easy to surgically dissect and break San Diego up into pieces. The unifier will bridge the gap between districts and villages by being a common denominator and an installation that through engagement brings unity to San Diego. construction details 3” 1’6” north view east view south view west view 1’ 3’2’ 1’ 3’2’ 1’ 3’2’ 1’ 3’2’section view 1’ 3’2’ street sidewalk parti diagram collapsibility accordionstructure pivotingshadestructure separates into 3 facets I N - R E A C H urban solution to a temporary cause floor & site plan EXISTING BUILDING J STREET HEAVY TRAFFIC ON SIDEWALK BY PEDESTRIANS TYPICAL12’SIDEWALK SPACE FOR CIRCULATION COUNTER FOR PRODUCT COUNTER FOR PRODUCT WINDOW FOR TRANSACTIONS DIRECT SUN VISUAL DISTRACTIONS RECLAIMED WOOD FLOORING 1”WHITE GLOSSY LAMINATED COUNTER 1’ 3’2’ N J STREET PARK AT THE PARK 9TH 8TH contextual map shade slats hinged at main support connection & rested on suspended pole connected by twine each shade slat is connected at the ends by twine 2x6 main support connects to 2 2x4 pivoting members on each side 2x6 main supports bolted from the base of the structure white laminate counter-top/product drawers/ 2x6 supports attached by bolts from under the structure The collapsibility of this structure will create an easy set up and take down to close up after the business day is over. This design is intended to be broken down every day to prevent an overnight presence. The project exhibits virtually no obstructed view from the merchant and the merchandise. This allows for theft and vandalism to be easily detected.

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